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Now you can take us
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The 2017 Jazz At The Amp
Westerville Outdoor Jazz Series

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   Attending our concerts help confirm that live jazz is a viable and important entertainment option
   to our arts community.  Did you know  many venues don't
host live jazz concerts because it is
   believed people don't or won't attend them?

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Now you can take us
wherever you go

The Jazz Brew Concert Series

4+ Great Jazz Styles

Classic Big Band Jazz
Classic Straight-Ahead Jazz
Smooth/Urban Contemporary
Jazz Fusion
Latin, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban Jazz

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The Jazz Brew Concert Series
  Keeping Jazz Alive

Our Jazz Brew Concerts Calendar - Attend A Concert and Support Your Jazz Radio Station

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The Jazz Brew Concert Series

2 Great Venues

Whitehall-Yearling High School
The Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center

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