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" First there was WOSU with Jazz programs here and there that I’d listen to.  Then there was a rock
that featured Mike Island and Jazz fusion for 2 hours on Sunday morning.  Along came the
King, WBBY
104 fm. Jazz that went to all of the corners of Jazz music.  It was fabulous, while it lasted.
Then we had the Smooth-Jazz twins.  Nice, but a little too much Smooth and not enough other Jazz. 
It disappeared.  Now a breath of fresh air has entered our fair city …. WSAX-LP, I am grateful to be
able to
breathe fresh air once again. It is very difficult to believe that a metro city the size of Columbus, cannot hang onto a Jazz station.  One with varying types of Jazz from all corners of the musical
spectrum of Jazz. 

God Bless you folks at WSAX-LP, for you help me keep the groove in my groovin’ day!!!! "

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  and enjoying jazz music, whether
  on the radio or online.  We play a
  wide selection of jazz styles from
  A to Z and everything in between.
  We brew jazz just the way you like
  it.  Watch with your ears.

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Don't Let The Art of Jazz Become Extinct

Happy Birthday Wynton

And others born October 18th

Anita O'Day Annette Hanshaw Bobby Troup Bill Stewart Esperanza Spalding.

Wynton Learson Marsalis (born October 18, 1961) is an American virtuoso trumpeter, composer, teacher, and artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center. He has promoted classical and jazz music, often to young audiences. Marsalis has been awarded nine Grammy Awards and his Blood on the Fields was the first jazz composition to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music. He is the son of jazz musician Ellis Marsalis Jr. (pianist), and grandson of Ellis Marsalis Sr.  Marsalis is the only musician to win a Grammy Award in jazz and classical during the same year.

Wynton was named for jazz pianist Wynton Kelly. While sitting at a table with trumpeters Al Hirt, Miles Davis, and Clark Terry, his father jokingly suggested that he might as well get Wynton a trumpet, too. Hirt volunteered to give him one, so at the age of six Marsalis received his first trumpet

In 1979, he moved to New York City to attend Juilliard. He intended to pursue a career in classical music. In 1980 he toured Europe as a member of the Art Blakey big band, becoming a member of The Jazz Messengers and remaining with Blakey until 1982. He changed his mind about his career and turned to jazz. He has said that years of playing Blakey influenced his decision. He recorded for the first time with Blakey and one year later he went on tour with Herbie Hancock.

A Crisis In Our Community
There's An Opioid Problem
In Our Communities

The Epidemic is Real

Ohioans continue to die from drug overdoses at a record-setting pace. Death from drug overdoses is now the leading cause of death in people ages 22-50. Ohio continues to be one of the nation's leaders in the death-toll rate.

Locally, Franklin County has realized a 343% increase in deaths between 2003-2016.

Whitehall, per capita, has been one of the hardest hit cities in the county with overdose rates five times higher than the Franklin County average.

   Information above was taken from the City of Whitehall website at


Sax Says ...

"Join us in helping to make our community
a better place to live, work and raise happy, responsible and safe children." Educate yourself about this problem.

Columbus Loses It's Voice

For many babyboomers that grew up in Columbus listening to WVKO radio, you probably remember the impact it had on its listeners, not only in the Black community, but for everyone that enjoyed great R&B and Soul music from Motown, Philly, Stax (Memphis) and others.  Make no mistake, it was truly the voice of the city for the African American community.

You remember all the great DJs, Eddie Saunders, Bill Moss, Les Brown, Mike Reeves, Kirk Bishop, K.C. Jones, Mel Griffin and many others that brought the soul to the city.  In the African American community they defended the rights of that community and they
gave the
community something to be proud of, although during that period the station was never owned outright by African Americans or any people of color.

In 1951, WVKO first signed on. It was owned by Skyway Broadcasting. From 1963 until 1997, WVKO was an R&B/Soul music station, its tagline being "The Rhythm of The City." Up until the early 1980s, FM sister station 94.7 WVKO-FM, later WSPO, simulcast WVKO programming.

As we've come to know it, WVKO has gone off the air and will be no more.  As a community, is there anything the community can do to save WVKO?  If not, then the end has finally come!  We salute and say thank you to the WVKO we once knew.  For now we also say goodbye.

WVKO-AM is temporarily playing Classic R&B while the current owners decide its fate.  For more information, read the history of WVKO (AM) on Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WVKO_(AM).

The Voice Of Our Community
Has Been Silenced

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