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Don't Let The Art of Jazz Become Extinct

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To all of our Jazz 98.5 FM listeners and jazz fans, here's how you can be a part of choosing the artists you want to see and hear live in concert in our future concert events. Start tuning in each and every Saturday from 3pm to 6pm and listen to our Saturday New Music Showcase where we feature only the New Music Releases from artists you know and from artists you'll want to know and see in concert. Check our daily playlists for the name of the song and artist that played from 3pm to 6pm during our Saturday
New Music Showcase.



New Releases From These Artists & Groups

Althea Rene  Jake Shimabukuro  Patrick Yandall 
Art Sherrod Jr.  Jazmin Ghent  Paul Brown 
BillyRay Sheppard  Jeff Ryan  Phaze II 
Bob Baldwin  Jelene  Philippe Saisse Trio 

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