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Special Homegrown Music All Day Broadcast
Friday, March 2, 2018

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Official Jazz Brew Concert Hotel

Fairfield Inn & Suites Columbus Airport
4300 International Gateway
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Official Jazz Brew Concert Restaurant

The 94th Aero Sqaudron

The 94th Aero Squadron
5030 Sawyer Road
Columbus, Ohio 43219

We're Planning To Switch From
98.5 FM to 91.9 FM

 Coming Soon -  Pending FCC Approval

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Regular Live Remote Broadcasts
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Come Join And Support Us, Our Local Musicians And Venues
At One Of These Live Music Hotspots Or Festivals
Around Central Ohio

The 2018 Jazz Brew Concert Series
The 94th Aero Squadron
2018 Jazz At The Amp Concert Series
Idle-A-While Bar
Copious Notes
Park Street Tavern

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Now you can take us
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Now you can take us
wherever you go

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   Attending our concerts help confirm that live jazz is a viable and important entertainment option
   to our arts community.  Did you know  many venues don't
host live jazz concerts because it is
   believed people don't or won't attend them?

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