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One of Our Favorite Comments

" First there was WOSU with Jazz programs here and there that I’d listen to.  Then there was a rock
that featured Mike Island and Jazz fusion for 2 hours on Sunday morning.  Along came the
King, WBBY
104 fm. Jazz that went to all of the corners of Jazz music.  It was fabulous, while it lasted.
Then we had the Smooth-Jazz twins.  Nice, but a little too much Smooth and not enough other Jazz. 
It disappeared.  Now a breath of fresh air has entered our fair city …. WSAX-LP, I am grateful to be
able to
breathe fresh air once again. It is very difficult to believe that a metro city the size of Columbus,
cannot hang onto a Jazz station.  One with varying types of Jazz from all corners of the musical
spectrum of Jazz. 

God Bless you folks at WSAX-LP, for you help me keep the groove in my groovin’ day!!!! "

Whitehall Ohio
Race  Population  Percentage 

White  8,759 46.41%
Black & Other 10,115 53.59%

The majority of Whitehall residents are
made up of Black or other ethnic groups,
yet the City of Whitehall Mayor and The
Parks and Recreation Director will not allow programming and other events which reflect the culture of these groups, including
allowing SEMM Foundation and Jazz 98.5
radio to present live jazz concerts in City controlled public parks.

You Can Help Change This Behavior

Allowing Jazz In The Park And In The Whitehall Area Does This:

  • Creates more performance opportunities for musicians

  • Provides live jazz music entertainment,education and enjoyment

  • Helps the local economy & merchants

  • Provides family entertainment value

  • Promotes cultural diversity
  • Promotes a positive, inviting, progressive and welcoming perception of the Whitehall community and residents

   Please call the Whitehall Mayor at
   614-338-3106 and the Parks and
   Recreation Director at 614-863-0121
   to voice your support in allowing
   us the use of John Bishop Park
   in 2021 to present our Jazz At The
   Amp summer outdoor concerts.
   Call them both NOW!  If no answer,
   leave a voicemail message.

Listen to what we're saying about this matter

Our Whitehall Park Message

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You Can Help Change This Behavior

Please Sign Our Petition

Support Jazz At The Amp
Concerts In Whitehall

Opportunity is Not Here

   Did you know that more than 67,000 people died from drug
   overdoses in 2018, making it a leading cause of injury-related
   death in the United States?

Issue brief: Reports of increases in opioid-related overdose and other concerns during COVID pandemic

*Updated July 8, 2020

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, so does the nation’s opioid epidemic. The AMA
is greatly concerned by an increasing number of reports from national, state and local media suggesting increases in opioid-related mortality—particularly from illicitly manufactured fentanyl
and fentanyl analogs. More than 35 states have reported increases in opioid-related mortality as
well as ongoing concerns for those with a mental illness or substance use disorder in counties
and other areas within the state.This also includes new reports about the need for evidence-
based harm reduction services, including sterile needle and syringe services and naloxone.

SOURCE :  American Medical Association

Download To Read The Entire Report

Notable Jazz Musician Birthdays

Happy Birthday

Other Jazz Musicians
born on July 16th


Notable July Jazz Musician Birthdays

Callen Radcliffe Tjader, Jr. (July 16, 1925 – May 5, 1982) was an American Latin jazz musician, known as the most successful non-Latino Latin musician. He explored other jazz idioms, even as he continued to perform the music of Cuba, the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America for the rest of his life.

Tjader played the vibraphone primarily. He was accomplished on the drums, bongos, congas, timpani, and the piano. He worked with many musicians from several cultures. He is often linked to the development of Latin rock and acid jazz. Although fusing jazz with Latin music is often categorized as "Latin jazz" (or, earlier, "Afro-Cuban jazz"), Tjader's works swung freely between both styles. His Grammy award in 1980 for his album La Onda Va Bien capped off a career that spanned over forty years.

Source: Wikipedia


How Difficult Is It To Wear A Mask If There's A Chance It Might Save A Life?

Let's Work Together!

Wear A Mask ... The Life You Save Might Very Well Be Your Own ... And Your Mother's, Father's Sister's, Brother's, Children's And Grandparent's

Practice Social Distancing!
(Saves On Deodorant)

68,000 CONFIRMED CASES      3,071 DEATHS

Dr. Amy Acton Has Resigned

We Will Miss Her Guidance.  The Pressure From Those Questioning Her Advice And The Science That Backed Up Her Decisions, May Have Been Wrong And Unjust.
Dr. Acton May Have Been Right And History Will Confirm This.  Bring Dr. Acton Back!

More Local Information Available At:  coronavirus.ohio.gov

   A practical guide for
   infection prevention can be
   found HERE
  • THE SURVIVAL GUIDE for the Coronavirus pandemic

   A map of Coronavirus
   Global cases by country
   can be found HERE

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

   Coronavirus Scams
   described HERE

  • Recognizing and avoiding Coronavirus Scams

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Due To The Corona Virus Crisis, Events Have Been Canceled Per Orders From The State, Local
 & Federal Authorities

JLM Health Crisis Message

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Daily JLM Messages have Temporarily Been Suspended. For Now, Ain't Nothin' Going On But The Rent!

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Jazz Radio In Northern Ohio Ends
Cleveland's Smooth Jazz Station
Changes Format To Mod AC

“We love smooth jazz, but unfortunately the music has become a Pandora/Spotify format,” Rubber City Radio
owner Thom Mandel said in a release. “We found that
we were pushing a boulder uphill, and serving fewer and
fewer listeners. The station sounded fabulous, but
without enough listeners, we could no longer support it.”

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The ONLY 24 Hour Jazz Station In Ohio

We'd Rather Fight Than Switch!
Smooth, Straight Ahead and More!
Support Your Jazz Station, WSAX for
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A Crisis In Our Community
There's An Opioid Problem
In Our Communities

The Epidemic is Really Real

Ohioans continue to die from drug overdoses at a record-setting pace. Death from drug overdoses is now the leading cause of death in people ages 22-50. Ohio continues to be one of the nation's leaders in the death-toll rate.

Locally, Franklin County has realized a 343% increase in deaths between 2003-2016.

Whitehall, per capita, has been one of the hardest hit cities in the county with overdose rates five times higher than the Franklin County average.

Information above was taken from the City of Whitehall website at


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