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The Art Of Jazz Is Our Legacy Keep The Art Of Jazz Alive

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The Art Of Jazz Is Our Legacy Keep The Art Of Jazz Alive

Notable Jazz Musician Birthdays

Happy Birthday Stanley
Go Stanley, Go Stanley

Other Jazz Musicians born on
April 5th

Stan Levey, Herb Flemming, Robert Glasper

Notable April Jazz Musician Birthdays

Stanley William Turrentine (April 5, 1934 – September 12, 2000) was an American jazz tenor saxophonist. He began his career playing R&B for Earl Bostic and later soul jazz recording for the Blue Note label from 1960, touched on jazz fusion during a stint on CTI in the 1970s. He was described by critic Steve Huey as "renowned for his distinctively thick, rippling tone [and] earthy grounding in the blues." Turrentine was married to organist Shirley Scott in the 1960s, with whom he frequently recorded, and was the younger brother of trumpeter Tommy Turrentine.

He began his prolific career with blues and rhythm and blues bands, and was at first greatly influenced by Illinois Jacquet. In the 1950s, he went on to play with the groups of Lowell Fulson and Earl Bostic. In Bostic's group, he replaced John Coltrane in 1953 and also played in groups led by the pianist and composer Tadd Dameron

Turrentine turned to jazz fusion and signed for Creed Taylor's CTI label. His first album for CTI, Sugar, recorded in 1970, proved one of his biggest successes and a seminal recording for the label. He worked with Freddie Hubbard, Milt Jackson, George Benson, Bob James, Richard Tee, Idris Muhammad, Ron Carter, Grant Green and Eric Gale, to name a few. He returned to soul jazz in the 1980s and into the 1990s.

The Corona Virus Has Brought Hard Times Upon Us
Does Your Walmart Store Look Like This Walmart Store?
Either They Need To Restock or We Need To Save Some For Others!
And While They're At It, Clean The Store & Fix The Grocery Carts!

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March is

We're Making March A Time To Pay Homage To The Music Of Homegrown Musicians Everywhere. Join  The Local Celebrations

April is
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Due To The Current Corona Virus Crisis In Central Ohio Our 2020 Event Is Being Rescheduled To A Later Date.  More Information Will Be Posted Soon.

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Jazz Radio In Northern Ohio Ends
Cleveland's Smooth Jazz Station
Changes Format To Mod AC

“We love smooth jazz, but unfortunately the music has become a Pandora/Spotify format,” Rubber City Radio
owner Thom Mandel said in a release. “We found that
we were pushing a boulder uphill, and serving fewer and
fewer listeners. The station sounded fabulous, but
without enough listeners, we could no longer support it.”

Central Ohio's Jazz 98.5 FM
The ONLY 24 Hour Jazz Station In Ohio

We'd Rather Fight Than Switch!
Smooth, Straight Ahead and More!
Support Your Jazz Station, WSAX for
Jazz Brewed Just The Way You Like It.

  Jazz 98.5 FM wants to be your 
  regular go-to source for listening
  and enjoying jazz music, whether
  on the radio or online.  We play a
  wide selection of jazz styles from
  A to Z and everything in between.
  We brew jazz just the way you like
  it.  Watch with your ears.

One of Our Favorite Comments

" First there was WOSU with Jazz programs here and there that I’d listen to.  Then there was a rock
that featured Mike Island and Jazz fusion for 2 hours on Sunday morning.  Along came the
King, WBBY
104 fm. Jazz that went to all of the corners of Jazz music.  It was fabulous, while it lasted.
Then we had the Smooth-Jazz twins.  Nice, but a little too much Smooth and not enough other Jazz. 
It disappeared.  Now a breath of fresh air has entered our fair city …. WSAX-LP, I am grateful to be
able to
breathe fresh air once again. It is very difficult to believe that a metro city the size of Columbus, cannot hang onto a Jazz station.  One with varying types of Jazz from all corners of the musical
spectrum of Jazz. 

God Bless you folks at WSAX-LP, for you help me keep the groove in my groovin’ day!!!! "

A Crisis In Our Community
There's An Opioid Problem
In Our Communities

The Epidemic is Really Real

Ohioans continue to die from drug overdoses at a record-setting pace. Death from drug overdoses is now the leading cause of death in people ages 22-50. Ohio continues to be one of the nation's leaders in the death-toll rate.

Locally, Franklin County has realized a 343% increase in deaths between 2003-2016.

Whitehall, per capita, has been one of the hardest hit cities in the county with overdose rates five times higher than the Franklin County average.

Information above was taken from the City of Whitehall website at


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