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  November, 2013

  Petition Announcement:

  Petition results of supporters demonstrating
  their support by signing the petition and
  providing comments to keep jazz alive on
  Columbus radio that inspired the effort by
  SEMM   Foundation to qualify and apply to
  the FCC for an FM Radio Station License.

Petition To Keep Jazz On Columbus Radio

  May 23, 2014

  Press Release:

  SEMM Foundation Announces FCC Application
  for The New 94.1 FM Radio Station License.

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  Dec 1, 2014

  Press Release:

  SEMM Foundation Announces FCC grants
  construction permit to build the new 24 Hr FM
  radio station at 98.5 FM to be known as
  Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP.

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The 2019 Jazz At The Amp Concerts Were Canceled

Response To Your Questions and Concerns
Thank you For Your Support

For those fans who have written to ask why we are not presenting our concerts and were told that we pulled out
of doing the series by Westerville officials or residents, or believe that they have been misled or duped into believing we are still involved in presenting our summer concert series in Westerville, we are providing the following statement.

After three spectacular and successful years of presenting our Jazz At The Amp concert series, Westerville Parks
and Recreation denied us the continued use of the Amphitheater so they could capitalize and take advantage of the success and popularity of our Jazz At The Amp concert series and present a separate jazz series.  We’re asking our jazz fans and all others to join us in stopping this kind of behavior by Westerville officials or any other caretakers of public facilities that exclude certain arts groups from sharing in the piece of the pie.

Write to the Westerville City Manager to express your opinion or concerns.

David Collinsworth, City Manager
Phone: (614) 901-6410

For more details and information, please visit our website at:  JazzAtTheAmp.org

Support The Effort

Thanks to all of you for supporting our effort to set the record straight about our exclusion from presenting our Jazz At The Amp concerts in Westerville. The City of Westerville and their Parks and Recreation Director and staff have attempted to mislead the public and discredit us in the eyes of other communities to prevent us from presenting our concerts elsewhere. They also attribute your attendance and the popularity of the series to their efforts only. A special thanks to Jazz Columbus.com for their support and article about this issue. http://www.jazzcolumbus.com/wsax-statement-on-jazz-at-the-amp/

Support The Effort

We know how much you love
jazz especially when it's free to attend but you should TAKE A STAND and support your jazz station! DON'T BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED!

How do you stop bullying and
how do you stop Westerville from
taking advantage of groups by controlling facilities and the programming you enjoy most?
think they're responsible for your attending and downplay the roll
of our jazz station and contributions to bringing jazz concerts and you to Westerville.