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  November, 2013

  Petition Announcement:

  Petition results of supporters demonstrating
  their support by signing the petition and
  providing comments to keep jazz alive on
  Columbus radio that inspired the effort by
  SEMM   Foundation to qualify and apply to
  the FCC for an FM Radio Station License.

Petition To Keep Jazz On Columbus Radio

  May 23, 2014

  Press Release:

  SEMM Foundation Announces FCC Application
  for The New 94.1 FM Radio Station License.

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  August 11, 2014


  The watchdog group REC Networks, published
  a Concern List of LPFM applications suspected
  of violating FCC rules during the application
  process. Pages show the local Ohio
  organizations involved, the FCC investigation
  and its dismissal of the local groups involved.
  This document contains pages taken from
  several documents and provides an overview of
  the matter concerning the suspected or alleged
  irregular activities of several local organizations
  to obtain LPFM licenses whose applications
  were eventually dismissed by the FCC.

  The FCC decision helped give way for SEMM
  and other local groups to be awarded LPFM

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  Dec 1, 2014

  Press Release:

  SEMM Foundation Announces FCC grants
  construction permit to build the new 24 Hr FM
  radio station at 98.5 FM to be known as
  Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP.

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