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After three spectacular and successful years of presenting our Jazz At The Amp concert series, Westerville Parks and
Recreation denied us the continued use of the Amphitheater so they could capitalize and take advantage of the success
and popularity of our Jazz At The Amp concert series and present a separate jazz series.  We’re asking our jazz fans and
all others to join us in stopping this kind of behavior by Westerville or any other caretakers of public facilities that exclude
certain arts groups from sharing in the piece of the pie.

Write to the Westerville Mayor, City Manager and Westerville Parks Foundation to express your opinion or concerns.

Craig Treneff, Westerville Mayor
Phone: (614) 901-6400

David Collinsworth, City Manager
Phone: (614) 901-6410

Jim McCann
Westerville Parks Foundation
Phone: (614) 901-6517

For more details and information, please visit our website at:  JazzAtTheAmp.org

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