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Whitehall Ohio
Race  Population  Percentage 

White  8,759 46.41%
Black & Other 10,115 53.59%

The majority of Whitehall residents are
made up of Black or other ethnic groups,
yet the City of Whitehall Mayor and The
Parks and Recreation Director will not allow programming and other events which reflect
the culture of these groups, including
allowing SEMM Foundation and Jazz 98.5
radio to present live jazz concerts in City controlled public parks.

Opportunity is Not Here

You Can Help Change This Behavior

Allowing Jazz In The Park And In The Whitehall Area Does This:

  • Create more performance opportunities for local musicians

  • Provides live jazz music entertainment, education and enjoyment

  • Helps the local economy & local merchants

  • Provides family entertainment value

  • Promotes cultural diversity
  • Promotes a positive, inviting, progressive and welcoming perception of the Whitehall community and residents
  • Keeps Jazz Alive

Support Jazz At The Amp
Concerts In Whitehall

Please Sign Our Petition

   And please call the Whitehall Mayor
614-338-3106 and the Parks and
   Recreation Director at 614-863-0121
   to voice your support in allowing
   us the use of John Bishop Park
   in 2021 to present our Jazz At The
   Amp summer outdoor concerts.
   Call them both NOW!  If no answer,
   leave a voicemail message.

You Can Help Change This Behavior

A Nice Park Setting Made Just For Enjoying Jazz

Central Location, Easy Access, Parking & Shade

From The Whitehall Watchblog

... Codes are so stringent in a town of regular people that it leaves little to no room for exciting innovation, diverseness of character and expression from your very own talent pool. I have heard ‘no’ so many times within Whitehall it truly speaks to what is wrong here, and not with the people themselves. City Hall is so afraid to allow people their true liberty, scared to death that every human being in town will go utterly mad without their control and start robbing, murdering and putting their cars on cinder-blocks in the front yards. They have a complete lack of trust in anyone’s sense, except their own, and that’s the truth of Whitehall’s leadership. They rule with an anti-liberty, anti-diversity, anti-poor, anti-freedom, anti-human ‘vision’, steering the ship of state with an iron grip, eyes fearfully peeled for anyone or anything unlike their dull, standardized selves which challenge their contemptuous ‘vision’ ...

From The Whitehall Parks and Recreation Commission May 13, 2020 Meeting Minutes

... City and several staff
members are being sued for disallowing an individual to hold a jazz concert series in the park. The claim is that we are discriminating on the basis of race and he should be allowed to use any public space.

Fact Check:  Not true and a complete misstatement of the facts.

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Heritage & Legacy

                     Jazz At The Amp Matters


Volunteer Team Effort