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JazzCast Pro

The Jazz 98.5 FM JazzCast Pro Program

JazzCast Pro is a music enrichment Live Broadcast radio music program
created by Jazz 98.5 to harness and display through interviews and live
radio broadcast performances, the talent and energy of our professional musicians that through them, help showcase and keep the art and future
of jazz music alive.

JazzCast Pro returns us to the retro days of a bygone era in which regular live radio broadcasts were produced weekly for listening audiences.

JazzCast Pro performances will help inspire young musicians and help create future composers, writers and performers.,

This program will also help to introduce musicians and groups, as well as the various jazz sub-genres to the
Jazz 98.5 listening audience.

Through live performance, narration and interaction with musicians, the
JazzCast Pro, in conjunction with the JazzCast young musician program,
will help demonstrate how jazz developed through social, economic and
political changes in our country's history, and what sets jazz apart from
other musical forms.

We believe the experience will help children and adults begin to appreciate
jazz as fun music to listen to and an important part of our American heritage.

The JazzCast program is centered around a collaboration between Jazz 98.5 FM and area middle and high
school music directors to broadcast the performances of their respective jazz bands and ensembles.  Other
young people and adults, are invited to listen via radio, whether terrestrially or Internet, as well as to attend the
live broadcast performances, whether convened in the Jazz 98.5 studios or in school auditoriums.

The JazzCast program can include performances given solely by guest professionals or resident JazzCast Pro professionals.  Here is what you can expect:

  • Listeners will learn the historical facts and origins of jazz and how jazz developed and evolved.
  • Guests or resident JazzCast Professionals will be able to showcase their individual jazz bands or
  • JazzCast broadcast performances can be augmented by interviews with recognized visiting guest
    professionals or jazz bands scheduled for local appearances.
  • Musical selections will illustrate basic jazz concepts, periods and styles.

  • Join The JazzCast Pro Program

    • Contact the JazzCast Music Director at jazzcast@myjazz98.com to line up your day and time.
    • JazzCast Pro broadcast performances are generally scheduled to broadcast on a Monday, Saturday or
      Sunday.  Morning or afternoon slots (or both) are available.
    • Technical requirements for In-Studio broadcasts will be provided during the scheduling process.
    JazzCast Pro