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New Music Releases

  A tasty blend of great New Releases of Jazz brewed just the way you like It from Artists you
know and from Artists you'll want to know, see and hear live in concerts presented by
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New Releases From These Artists & Groups

Althea Rene  Herb Alpert  Patrick Lamb 
Art Sherrod Jr.  Hill St Soul Patrick Yandall 
BBZ Brass Attack J Staton Paul Brown 
Ben Tankard Jacqui Brown Paula Atherton
BillyRay Sheppard  Jake Shimabukuro  Peppino D'Agostino
BK Jackson James Alexander II Phase II 
Blair Bryant Jazmin Ghent  Philippe Saisse Trio 
Bob Baldwin  Jeff Ryan  Phillip 'Doc' Martin
Boney James  Jelene  Ragan Whiteside 
Braxton Brothers  Jessy J  Rainforest Band
Brendan Rothwell  Jody Mayfield Rebecca Angel 
Brian Lenair  John Novello  Richard Adolphus Harrison
Brien Andrews Johnny Britt  Rick Habana
Butch and Rhonda Coleman Joseph Matrick Moore  Rippingtons 
Byron Miller Justin Young  Rocco Ventrella 
Carol Albert Karen Linette  Roman Street
Chadwick Johnson Keith McKelley Roman Street 
Chase Huna  Kevin Jackson  Ron King 
Christian de Mesones Kevin Stixx Marshall Ryan Montano 
Coldjack Lance Ellis Sam Rucker 
Darren Rahn Lars Taylor  Sharon Rae North 
Darryl Soul Sax Murrill Lashawn D. Gary Shunzo Ohno
Darryl Williams  Lennox Armstrong Siraj
Daryl Beebe Leslie Drayton Sorice
David Garfield  Lisa Addeo  Sorice 
Dee Lucas  Madoca  Sylvia Bennett 
Deon Yates  Marcellus Green  Syreeta Wright
Dominic Hammons Marcia Miget The Allen Carman Project 
DW3 Mark Allen Felton  The Braxton Brothers
Elan Trotman  Mark Harris II  The Justus Brothers
Eric Darius  Michael Anthony Gagliardi The Rhythm Jets 
Erik Hjelt  Michael Lington  The Smooth Jazz Alley
fo-mo-deep Michael Paulo  Tim Watson
Freddie Fox Mike Casey Under The Lake
Gina Kronstadt M'Lynn Vanessa Rubin
Gino Rosaria Monty Seward  Wakana 
Gino Rosaria  Najee Walter Beasley 
Gregory Goodloe  Next Paradigm Collective Walter Chancellor 
GTF Patrick Bradley  Willie Bradley