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2016 Year In Review

We Say Goodbye To 2016
With A Review Of The Year

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Gene "King Saxe" Walker Passes

Native Columbus saxophonist Gene Walker died July 21, 2014, from several health complications at age 76.  As a popular sideman early in his musical career, a tour with fellow sax player King Curtis brought Gene the opportunity to open for the Beatles during a 1965 concert at New York’s Shea Stadium.  Read More

Gahanna’s Vision is…
…to be an innovative model community that values its rich heritage, pursues high standards, and promotes respect among its citizens.

Gahanna’s Mission is…
…to ensure an exceptional quality of life by providing comprehensive services, financial stability, and well-planned development which preserves the natural environment, in order that city government will continue to be responsive, accessible, and accountable to our diverse and growing community of citizens.


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New Albany
Pothole Spotter Can Complete Online Form - Our crews are constantly patrolling the city for potholes but with 180 lanes miles we can’t always see all of them.  If you notice one in your travels please report them using this form.  If a reported pothole is near New Albany but not actually in city limits, the public service department will forward the information to the appropriate jurisdiction.


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In Your Community


Westerville, a community known for progressive amenities and excellent resident services. Those who already call Westerville home will tell you that this community is among the best in the nation. And Money Magazine agrees, having twice recognized Westerville as one of America's "Best Places to Live."


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Public Call for Worthington Photographs
 - WOSU and the Worthington Historical Society invite the public to share their photographs of Worthington’s past.


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