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The WINF-LP, 98.5 FM Interference TODAY

Are you wondering why you can't hear the new Jazz Station on 98.5 FM in many parts of Columbus, or why you hear static or the music and broadcast of a station that is not the the WSAX-LP jazz station, when you tune to 98.5 FM?

The broadcast signal of our new 24 hour Columbus jazz station, Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP is being significantly interfered with by the Delaware station, WINF-LP.

If you're driving anywhere inside the I-270 outerbelt that circles Columbus or just outside I-270 in the suburban neighborhoods and especially in the north end of Columbus on I-270 from Hilliard around to Gahanna, while driving in Worthington, Westerville, driving up or down I-71 between Hudson Street and I-270, driving up or down Rt. 315 (north or south) from OSU to I-270, up or down High Street (Rt. 23) between Morse Road and I-270, and can hear WINF-LP, whether clearly or bleeding in a little, please send us an email (CLICK RESPOND HERE BELOW) letting us know you're hearing them, with the following information:

1.  Your Name (The FCC will not accept anonymous listener complaints).

2.   Whether you are listening to, or attempting to listen to OUR 98.5
jazz station/music at home, work, or in your car.

3.  If in your car, the location (address, road intersection) where you're
    hearing WINF-LP, or believe the signal you are receiving is being
    interfered with or whether you're hearing the broadcast of both stations
    bleeding in and out or over top of one another.

Refer To The Map Below.  The Red Dots Indicate Where We Have Heard And Can Hear WINF-LP.  If You're In Or Near One Of The Zones Indicated By The Red Dots While Attempting To Hear Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP, But Hear WINF-LP, Send Us An Email To Report Your Observations.


  WINF has a history of not playing by the rules.  Here's a few messages from a forum discussing WINF from 7 years ago when they
  were broadcasting on 101.9.  They changed to 98.5 and continues the same behavior.

  July, 2010

The truth is, WINF should have been taken off the air years ago. The so-called "Delaware County Development Company" is a sham.
Mark Litton owns DCDC and WINF, although he manages to hide that fact and will deny it if you ask him. Of course, he also owns
WUCO 1270 and 95.1 WXVG FM in Mt. Gilead. The FCC prohibits the owner of a commercial station from owning an LPFM,

May, 2009

WINF (101.9) is clearly listenable in much of northern Franklin County and I'm sure has listeners in Dublin, Worthington,
Westerville, and North Columbus.

On most days WNKK 107.1 is clearly listenable in these same areas.

If WINF moved to 107.1 and left their tower height and power the same, there would be two listenable channels conflicting on the same
frequency which would probably sound worse than 101.9 does in these same areas.

Here are their sports broadcast schedules from the past sports season which show that they do not only cover the City of Delaware.

Football (I only have the schedule beginning in October)

10/1 Olentangy Liberty vs Olentangy
10/8 Big Walnut vs Delaware Hayes
10/15 Delaware Hayes vs Hilliard Bradley
10/22 Olentangy vs Westerville South
10/29 Olentangy Orange vs Delaware Hayes
11/5 Big Walnut vs Canal Winchester