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Steve Titus (
Doctor T)

Steve Titus
(Doctor T)
"Jazz Over Easy"
Sundays 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Jazz Over Easy”, with your host Doctor T, is a show that showcases jazz in its more classic forms as well as the contri-
butions of ethnic styles that have become staples and helped in-
fluence jazz as we know it today.  Often the show will do features
such as “The Ladies of Jazz”.  Jazz Over Easy provides the
listener with a significant helping of a Classic Jazz brew along
with a dose of Latin Jazz, Straight Ahead, Trad Jazz and the
music of our own Homegrown musicians

Doctor T often pays homage to Columbus' own Homegrown 
musicians along with the "Ladies of Jazz". 
When it comes to
smooth and polished, Doctor T is the man and his jazz appreciation and knowledge will rub off on any listener whether they like or don't like jazz, because he'll deliver YOUR  ...  "Jazz Over Easy"

You'll enjoy Doctor T's mix of Classic Jazz, Latin Jazz, Straight Ahead, Bebop and other great styles, along with the music of our own Homegrown musicians.

A list of Doctor T's favorite recordings or artists would require a novel to document them all so
just tune in and let the Doctor wet your appetite, but ever so very easy and steady as he goes!

Doctor T's Jazz Brew consists of:  Classic Jazz, Straight Ahead Jazz, Latin Jazz, Bebop,
Jazz Flavored
Classic R&B, and similar music from our own Local Musicians.

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Meet Your Jazz Over Easy Host - Steve Titus (Doctor T)

Doctor T began lessons on trumpet at the age of 10.  He always considered himself a musician even though he had several careers including a remodeling contractor, property manager and a partner
in an ice cream shop and a night club. He was also signed to a local
talent agency doing commercials for a few years.

He teaches music at several music stores which include two Music Go Rounds and the Schwartz School of Music in Worthington.

He performs in several local bands professionally and just for fun, he also has his own Smooth
Jazz band. Being a long time lover of all things Jazz, hosting a Jazz radio program is a perfect
fit for Doctor T. 

Listen to "Jazz Over Easy" Sundays from 11am to 1 pm and see if you agree.