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WINF Audio/Video From Columbus at I-270 and Taylor Station Rd.

Hear the Delaware WINF-LP broadcast clearly from the eastside of
Columbus at Taylor Station Rd and I-270. Can anyone explain how
we can hear their low power radio station from 25 miles away?

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We've got jazz brewed just the way
you like it.  It you just happened to
have heard a particular song and missed who we told you the artist
was or missed hearing the name of
the song, we've got you covered.  If
you remember an approximate time
you heard the song, you can look up the tune from our playlist.

It gets better than that!  You can see what songs we played previously during the entire month.  Select and Click on the day you wish to view from the calendar below and you'll get our entire playlist for that day.

(Almost 25% of our daily playlist is the
music of our own Homegrown musicians)(Almost 33% of our daily playlist is comprised of music considered to be
Classic Jazz)
(Our Jazz Playlist includes Smooth/Urban Contemporary, Jazz Fusion and music from almost all other jazz sub-genres)

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April 2017

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Want To Know Where To Go For Live Jazz Music?

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It's been said that variety is the spice of life.  But how can that be true about cable and
satellite radio when you're
listening to the same songs day after day, with songs repeated
several times during the day?  Aren't you tired of
listening to the same songs day after
day, night after night?

If your jazz is all watered down, your hosts are not live and in living color, or you just
want to X 'em out of your life, let's be serious and start
coloring your world by
listening to the Jazz 98 live broadcast webstream when you're sitting at your home or office
computer or tune in
your local Jazz 98.5 FM station's over-the-air broadcast on your car, office or home radio and listen to great
jazz brewed just the way you like it.

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