Day 15 Playlist

(Almost 25% of our daily playlist is the music of our own Homegrown musicians)

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Friday, March 15, 2019


12:00 AM Midnight Rendezvous

12:00 AM Riley Richard   Grooving Smoothly
12:04 AM NexLevel   Level One
12:10 AM Tia Harris   Citrus Breeze
12:15 AM Gene Walker   Cookin'
12:21 AM Michael Parry   In The Wee Wee Hours
12:23 AM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   Woody 'n' You
12:27 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Brazil
12:30 AM Aaron Diehl   Le Tombeau de Couperin (III.Forlane)
12:41 AM Safety Squad   Looking Back
12:49 AM Khasmir   Sambattitude
12:55 AM Christian Howes   No Quarter
12:59 AM Dominick Farinacci   Willow Weep For Me
1:04 AM MoJo Theory   Turn This Thing Around
1:09 AM Matt O'Ree Band, S. Carney, J. Thackery & R. Nye  I Need You So Bad
1:14 AM Kim Pensyl   Casting Shadows
1:19 AM Mark Flugge   The Borderland
1:26 AM Inner City Blues Band   Just a Little Bit
1:30 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Bring Me Joy
1:35 AM Rusty Bryant   Why Was I Born
1:40 AM J. London   Baltimore
1:45 AM David Cook   Fresh Remnants
1:51 AM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Praise The Lord
1:56 AM Paradise Island Band   Maryanne
2:01 AM Teeny Tucker   Saint Louis Blues
2:04 AM Aftermath   C.O.S. 2.0
2:08 AM Jazz Ethics   Indifference
2:11 AM Mark Hampton   Royalty
2:14 AM Terry Davidson & The Gears   High Test Love
2:19 AM Various Columbus Artists   Caldonia
2:25 AM Four Mints   Keep On Loving You
2:28 AM Niki Hampton   Love Lifted Me
2:36 AM Gregory Emler   Live By Faith
2:40 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Swing Easy
2:47 AM Nancy Wilson   When October Goes
2:51 AM Acoustic Ghost   All Join Hands
2:55 AM Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden   Reveries Do Come True
2:59 AM Al Frierson & The C~Town Allstars   Misty

3:00 AM The Classic and Smoothly Brewed Blend

3:02 AM Jeff Poole   Blueridge Barndance
3:04 AM Shaun Booker and The New Breed   Telephone Man
3:09 AM Danny Aguiar   Beautiful Sadness
3:16 AM NexLevel   Thursday
3:20 AM Darchelle Williams   Show Kindness
3:25 AM Gene Walker   Everybodys 'Somebodys' Fool
3:29 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Slap That Thang
3:33 AM T. Wong   A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
3:37 AM Marcy Vaughn Forte   I Don't Wanna Waste My Time
3:41 AM The Jazz Gallery Project   How High The Moon
3:44 AM Edde Osborne   Purple Rain
3:51 AM Conya Doss   Message
3:56 AM Trampled Under Foot  Maggie Campbell Blues
4:01 AM Jas Miller   Follow The Sun
4:05 AM DJ Matavi   Inergy
4:13 AM Vanessa Rubin   Mosaic
4:17 AM Eugene Walker   Pearlin Like Roller Skates
4:20 AM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   Hip Shakin'
4:28 AM Felicia Bond   Look Inside Me
4:33 AM Christian Howes   The Peacocks
4:40 AM Copacetic   Run The Race
4:47 AM Michael Parry   Evil Is Going On
4:49 AM Bobby Floyd   Get On Board
4:56 AM Tony Monaco Trio with The Joey DeFrancesco Trio   Mozzarella
5:03 AM Aftermath   In My Dreams
5:07 AM Niki Hampton   Power In The Blood
5:12 AM Kwame Prince Kese   My Everything
5:19 AM InnerVision  Stand Tall, America
5:23 AM Dwight Lenox   A Lot Of Livin' To Do
5:28 AM Tony Monaco   Hang On Sloopy
5:32 AM Acoustic Ghost   Bitterness
5:35 AM Rusty Bryant   Troubles
5:39 AM Gregory Emler   Joy
5:45 AM FYI Quintet   Little Sunflower
5:56 AM Teeny Tucker   I Can Do All That
6:00 AM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Caminhos Cruzados
6:05 AM Andy Woodson   As Of Yet
6:14 AM McMahan Brothers   Track 8
6:17 AM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan   Mac Flava
6:22 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   A Frame For The Blues
6:34 AM Mike Harris   Slow Baby
6:40 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Tu Vendras
6:44 AM Nancy Wilson   First Time On A Ferris Wheel
6:49 AM Edwin Channels   You Called Me Friend
6:53 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Tenor Madness
6:59 AM Randy Villars   Daybreak

7:00 AM The Morning Brew

7:04 AM Mike Albert & The Big 'E' Band   A Mess Of Blues
7:06 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Blacknuss
7:13 AM Matt O'Ree Band, Nick Schnebelen & JP Sears  Chloe's Song
7:18 AM Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden   Love Makes The Changes
7:25 AM Richard Lopez Trio   Cherokee
7:33 AM Meilana Gillard   Red Sky
7:40 AM 3 Chords & The Truth   Come On Little Girl
7:43 AM Gussie Miller   This Doubting Heart
7:48 AM Adria Shahid   My Light Is On
7:52 AM Jeff Poole   Metropolis And A Hard Day's Work
7:56 AM Gene Walker   One For Naldo
8:01 AM Kim Pensyl   3 Day Weekend
8:05 AM Dominick Farinacci   Lover Man
8:09 AM Mark Hampton   Roots
8:14 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Quick Step
8:18 AM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Afro Blue
8:25 AM Tim Cummiskey   Darn That Dream
8:33 AM Lawrence Welton   I'm So Glad
8:38 AM J. London   I Can't Sleep
8:43 AM Linda Dachtyl (LDB3 And Friends)   All The Things You Are
8:52 AM RSVP   What You Won't Do For Love
8:58 AM Pete Mills   Pumpkin Shoes
9:04 AM Nichole Davis   You're My God
9:10 AM NuCorp   Mississippi Woman
9:15 AM Lil' Red & The Rooster   Catch The Train
9:20 AM MoJo Theory   Working Man Blues
9:25 AM Greg Bandy   Miles Mode
9:33 AM Broadstreet Lineup   Me And Baby Brother
9:37 AM Ray Fuller and The Bluesrockers   Pearlene
9:41 AM Terry Davidson & The Gears   Tapped out
9:44 AM Suade  Should've, Could've, Would've
9:46 AM Sirens, Kay Harris & Molly Paulken  SOS
9:50 AM Teeny Tucker   Commit A Crime
9:54 AM Sylvester Hillard   Small Wonders
9:57 AM Jimmy McGee   Never Enuff

10:00 AM The Morning Brew - Special Roast Edition

10:04 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Bewitched
10:09 AM Danny Aguiar   De La Pra Ca
10:13 AM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   Infant Eyes
10:20 AM Mike Harris   Up The Road
10:26 AM Gregory Emler   Praise In Your Mouth
10:30 AM Tony Monaco   Blues For T.
10:37 AM Jeff Le Rose   Forever Daddy's Little Girl Opt
10:40 AM Patrol   The Marauder
10:46 AM Four Mints   Too Far Gone
10:48 AM Dick Mackey   Forgive My Heart
10:51 AM Conya Doss   Jamie (Come Back)
10:56 AM Eugene Walker   Love Faith Hope
11:04 AM Gene Walker   Mean Greens
11:09 AM Christian Howes   Summertime
11:18 AM Jas Miller   Where R U
11:21 AM Steve Smith, Tony Monaco & Vinny Valentino  I Remember Jimmy
11:26 AM Kim Pensyl   Home At Last
11:32 AM Marcy Vaughn Forte   Together
11:37 AM Elizabeth Mis   It's Uh Girls World
11:41 AM Aftermath   Here I Am
11:46 AM Eileen Howard   In Tune
11:49 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Dearly Befuddled
11:56 AM David Cook   The Meanderer

12:00 PM Sax's Mid Afternoon Music Showcase  Hosted By Sax Johnson

12:06 PM Candy Dulfer   Saxy Mood
12:11 PM Candy Dulfer   Get the Funk
12:17 PM Meilana Gillard   Sounds Like Yes
12:20 PM Dr. E   Elevated
12:24 PM Bill Stockwell  Extra, Extra
12:29 PM Hank Marr   Never Let Me Go
12:32 PM John Henry and The Rainmakers   Come On Little Girl
12:35 PM Jeff Poole   To Look At You
12:42 PM Pete Mills   For a Beginning
12:48 PM D. Brown   You Are Worthy Of All The Praise
12:54 PM Dan White Sextet   Camptown Races
1:04 PM Jared Mahone   Love Another Day
1:08 PM MoJo Theory   Snake In The Grass
1:12 PM Robert Earl Lipsey Jr.   Heaven
1:18 PM Black Cat Monroe   Crosstown Home
1:21 PM J. London   I Can't Sleep
1:26 PM Dominick Farinacci   Bamboleo
1:31 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   He Watched Me
1:35 PM Pat Sheridan Band   That Train Don't Come Through Here No More
1:40 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Harbor Dreams
1:47 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Ja Da
1:51 PM Joey Sommerville   The Next Big Thing (ft. Elan Trotman)
1:57 PM Shayna Steele   Paper Bag
2:05 PM Duane Tribune   Enuff Of You
2:12 PM Mark Hampton   Selma
2:16 PM Gussie Miller   When Your Eyes Met Mine (Feat. Laura Dickinson)
2:20 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   I Have Dreamed
2:26 PM Kim Pensyl   Simple Times
2:31 PM Safety Squad   The Unified Balance
2:41 PM Sylvester Hillard   Textures
2:43 PM Eileen Howard   Till Now
2:47 PM Gerald Albright   Georgia On My Mind
2:53 PM Gerald Albright   Georgia On My Mind (Reprise)

3:00 PM Commuter Jazz

3:04 PM Bryan Olsheski   The Good Life
3:12 PM Felicia Bond   Ready Or Not Here I Come
3:17 PM Conya Doss   Pointless
3:23 PM Metalbaby   Labyrinth
3:27 PM Richard Lopez Trio   Stella By Starlight
3:35 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   Peach Cobbler
3:40 PM Rusty Bryant   The Last One Out
3:46 PM Vanessa Rubin   In A Sentimental Mood
3:52 PM Ricky Nye, Trampled Under Foot  Central City Blues
3:57 PM Alex White   Peaceful Words
4:04 PM Nancy Wilson   I Remember
4:08 PM D. Brown   Psalm 144:1
4:14 PM Christian Howes   Laughing Song
4:17 PM Jeff Poole   Chester
4:21 PM Banned Wagon   Classic In The Key Of Love
4:25 PM Tim Dvorkin   Southern Jam Live at Brothers
4:31 PM Hank Marr   Amazing Grace
4:36 PM J. London   Angels We Have Hear On High
4:43 PM Dr. E   Good Girl Down
4:47 PM Linda Dachtyl   Frame For The Blues
4:54 PM Copacetic   Steady Motion
5:04 PM Mark Flugge  Beatrice, The Cat
5:10 PM Molly Pauken   Not Enough
5:13 PM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   To Bop Or Not To Bop
5:21 PM Tony Monaco   Ninety Five
5:26 PM John Morgan   Quiet World
5:29 PM John Henry and The Rainmakers   Mustang Sally
5:36 PM Elizabeth Mis   Mis Behavin'
5:40 PM Deuce 'n a Quarter   Bust That Boogie
5:43 PM Ray Fuller and The Bluesrockers   I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down
5:49 PM Dominick Farinacci   It's Alright With Me
5:56 PM Safety Squad   Wild Ohio

6:00 PM The Evening Roast

6:04 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Giant Steps
6:08 PM Simpli Tai   He Looked Beyond My Faults
6:18 PM Jerry McMahan   Mac Flavor
6:23 PM Dan White Sextet   Yankee Doodle
6:30 PM Jas Miller   Steppin
6:34 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Carefree Cha Cha
6:36 PM Edde Osborne   Purple Rain
6:45 PM Gregory Emler   Receiving The End
6:47 PM Steve Smith, Tony Monaco & Vinny Valentino  Slingshot Blues
6:52 PM Nichole Davis   I Like
6:57 PM Pete Mills   A Flower is a Lovesome Thing
6:59 PM RSVP   Is This Really Love
7:07 PM Gene Walker   The Days Of Wine And Roses
7:12 PM The Jazz Gallery Project   Cute
7:15 PM Tim Cummiskey   Yes Or No
7:22 PM Tim Dvorkin   Lollypop Candy Live at Brothe
7:33 PM MoJo Theory   Don't Tear This House Down
7:38 PM Buckeye Politicians   Could It Be Me
7:43 PM Sylvester Hillard   Mama Mi Amore
7:48 PM Jared Mahone   Fast Asleep
7:53 PM Nathan T. Duncan  Forever Yours, Forever Mine
7:57 PM Louise Salvador   Knocks Me Off My Feet

8:00 PM The Sunset Jazz Series

8:05 PM Shayna Steele   Everybody's Crying Mercy
8:09 PM Conya Doss   Why Did You
8:13 PM Inner City Blues Band   Nothing To Lose
8:18 PM Blu Monsoon   Royals
8:24 PM Bobby Floyd   Your Basic Gospel Song
8:31 PM Teeny Tucker   Shoes
8:36 PM Ray Fuller and The Bluesrockers   Feelin' Evil
8:43 PM Patrol   Wishing On A Star
8:52 PM Nancy Wilson   Sweet Love
8:57 PM Banned Wagon   It Was You
9:05 PM Jimmy McGee   Talk To Me
9:08 PM Savali   Promises
9:13 PM Hank Marr   Basie~cally Speaking
9:18 PM Joey Sommerville   Desire (ft. Earl Kulgh)
9:23 PM Riley Richard   Family Ties
9:28 PM Eugene Walker   Shine On
9:34 PM The Juke Joint Saints   Welfare Daddy
9:38 PM Dwight Lenox   Jesus Loves Me
9:46 PM Mark Flugge  Beatrice, The Cat
9:52 PM Tony Monaco   Stormy Monday

10:00 PM The Twilight Jazz Series

10:04 PM Molly Pauken   Remember Forever
10:10 PM Geoff Tyus   Spanflu
10:12 PM Gussie Miller   What More Can I Say (Latin Remix Ft. Ramon Santiago)
10:17 PM Randy Mather   We'll Be Together Again
10:24 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   What's Goin' On-Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
10:28 PM Christian Howes   Sweet Lorraine
10:34 PM Tony Monaco Trio with The Joey DeFrancesco Trio   Waltz of the Angels
10:37 PM Andy Woodson   Happy People
10:42 PM Gregory Emler   In Spirit And Truth
10:46 PM Kim Pensyl   Alone
10:51 PM Michael Cox   Nana
10:54 PM Tim Dvorkin Trio   G.B.
11:04 PM Matt Adams   (Man Has Dream) ... Dream Comes True
11:11 PM Conya Doss   Spend My Life
11:17 PM RSVP   Joy And Pain
11:27 PM Terry Davidson & The Gears   Hound Dog Blues
11:31 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   Chasma (Shimrit Shoshan tribute)
11:34 PM Aaron Diehl   Organic Consequence
11:36 PM Michael Parry   In The Wee Wee Hours
11:39 PM Gene Walker   They Say It's Wonderful
11:43 PM Lawrence Preston   Something For You
11:47 PM Banned Wagon  Choose Your Rock, Reggae
11:53 PM Aftermath   Upside Down
11:57 PM InnerVision   At Last

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