Day 18 Playlist

(Almost 25% of our daily playlist is the music of our own Homegrown musicians)

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


12:03 AM Dwight Lenox   He Looked Beyond My Faults
12:07 AM Tony Monaco   Ashleen
12:13 AM Randy Mather   My Funny Valentine
12:21 AM Tim Cummiskey Trio   Alone Together
12:28 AM Rusty Bryant   Castle Rock
12:31 AM Meilana Gillard   Sounds Like Yes
12:35 AM Dr. E   Elevated
12:39 AM Buckeye Politicians   My World Is So Empty
12:43 AM Anointed Harmony   Got To Go
12:48 AM Tim Cummiskey   Black Nile
12:53 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Just A Closer Walk With Thee
12:56 AM Sylvester Hillard   Far Away
1:03 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Nosotros
1:07 AM Full Count Band   Spooky
1:12 AM Teeny Tucker   It's Your Voodoo Workin'
1:15 AM Four Mints   Row My Boat
1:19 AM Isaac Simpson & DP   I Am God
1:24 AM Liberated Soul Project   Price Tag
1:29 AM Kim Pensyl   Alone
1:33 AM Danny Aguiar   Beautiful Sadness
1:39 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Taste Of Honey
1:42 AM Nancy Wilson   Not A Day In Your Life
1:47 AM Patrol   That's The Way Love Goes
1:52 AM Gregory Emler   Hear The Sound
1:58 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   What's Goin' On-Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
2:02 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Block Party
2:06 AM Mark Hampton   Alpha & Omega
2:12 AM Khasmir   Sweepin' Up
2:15 AM Jas Miller   North Shore
2:19 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Let's Dance
2:23 AM Bits and Pieces   Mister Magic
2:29 AM Christian Howes   Vito's Melody
2:34 AM Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr  You're All I Need To Make It
2:39 AM Mark Flugge   Blessings
2:43 AM Rusty Bryant   Easy Living
2:46 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
2:51 AM Conya Doss   Damn That
2:55 AM Bryan Olsheski   Uncle Ignatz
3:02 AM Inner City Blues Band   The Love of My Man
3:09 AM Dwight Lenox   My Romance
3:13 AM Hank Marr   The Very Thought of You
3:19 AM Simpli Tai   All Heavens Declare
3:25 AM Liquid Crystal Project   The Lead
3:29 AM Mike Harris   Slow Baby
3:34 AM Tia Harris   Give Me Time
3:41 AM Linda Dachtyl   Don't Misunderstand
3:49 AM Elizabeth Mis   Sax Appeal
3:53 AM Randy Villars   Jarreau
3:58 AM Jimmy McGee   Get To Know You
4:02 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Angel's Watching
4:06 AM Sylvester Hillard   Northern Lights
4:10 AM Tony Monaco   Recordame
4:15 AM Eugene Walker   Red Sausage From Mississippi
4:19 AM Four Mints   Keep On Loving You
4:24 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Old Rugged Cross
4:32 AM Nancy Wilson   A Fool In Love
4:36 AM Marion Black   Go On Fool
4:42 AM Kwame Prince Kese   New Dawn
4:47 AM Tim Cummiskey   Unit 7
4:54 AM Nathan T. Duncan   One More Time
5:03 AM J. London   Don't Talk To Me Like That
5:08 AM Kim Pensyl   Looking Back
5:12 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Battle Hymn Of The Republic
5:16 AM Priscilla Woodson   Blessed Assurance
5:19 AM Teeny Tucker   Shoes
5:22 AM Nichole Davis   I Can Never Stop
5:29 AM Lawrence Welton   Let's Start All Over
5:33 AM Pete Mills   For a Beginning
5:38 AM Darchelle Williams   Wisdom Reprise
5:43 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Stompin' At The Savoy
5:48 AM Mark Flugge   Time's Horizon
5:54 AM Christian Howes   Ten Yard
6:03 AM Patrol   It Never Rains (In Southern California)
6:12 AM Lawrence Preston   Words
6:15 AM Jazz Ethics   Line Dance To This ... Cowboy
6:20 AM Hank Marr   I Thought About You
6:24 AM Vanessa Rubin   Alfie
6:30 AM Rusty Bryant   Frankie And Johnny
6:33 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Gentleman
6:41 AM Eileen Howard   Do What Jesus Said
6:44 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   The Very Thought Of You
6:49 AM Dick Mackey   Forgive My Heart
6:52 AM Linda Dachtyl (LDB3 And Friends)   All The Things You Are
7:02 AM Tony Monaco   Flat Tire
7:09 AM Randy Villars   Rendezvous
7:13 AM Andy Woodson   Dominica
7:20 AM Nancy Wilson   One More Try
7:25 AM Various Columbus Artists   My Little Brown Book
7:34 AM Simpli Tai   My Lord In The Morning
7:39 AM Michael Cox   1898 Hymn
7:44 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Harbor Groove
7:49 AM Aaron Diehl   Le Tombeau de Couperin (III.Forlane)
8:02 AM Conya Doss   Turn it Up
8:07 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Back in The ´Ville
8:11 AM Mark Hampton   Rivers of Waters
8:15 AM Kim Pensyl   The Doctor Is Out
8:23 AM Dr. E   Halle Berry
8:27 AM Sylvester Hillard   Turbulence
8:30 AM LA Sky   All Night Long
8:41 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Never Can Say Goodbye
8:45 AM Jimmy McGee   Go For It (ft. Natty Boi)
8:49 AM Gene Walker   One For Naldo
8:55 AM Tim Cummiskey   Hank's Riff
9:02 AM D. Brown   You Are My God
9:07 AM Dominick Farinnaci   You Made Me Love You
9:13 AM Tia Harris   Crush
9:16 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Moten Swing
9:21 AM Vanessa Rubin   Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
9:28 AM Teeny Tucker   Sun Room
9:31 AM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Giving My Life Back To You
9:36 AM Four Mints   You're My Desire
9:40 AM Linda Dachtyl   Turn Blue
9:44 AM P. Raney Coalition   Miles Away
9:51 AM Jas Miller   Mm Mm Mm
9:56 AM Tony Monaco   Our Love Is Here To Stay
10:02 AM Bryan Olsheski   Slippin' and Slidin'
10:11 AM Christian Howes   Cinema Paradiso
10:18 AM Mark Flugge  Beatrice, The Cat
10:24 AM Dwight Lenox   The Letter
10:29 AM Dick Mackey   I Love To Sing
10:32 AM Buckeye Politicians   Whatever It Is
10:37 AM Conya Doss   Good Good
10:41 AM Gussie Miller   Life Lessons (For Nate)
10:48 AM The Jazz Gallery Project   Blues For Suze
10:52 AM Andy Woodson   Cary
11:02 AM Dan White Sextet   Three Blind Mice
11:05 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Caribbean Sunset
11:09 AM Inner City Blues Band   Just a Little Bit
11:13 AM Rusty Bryant   Troubles
11:21 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Bewitched
11:26 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   What Is This Thing Called Love?
11:29 AM Hank Marr   What! Not Another Greasy Spoon?
11:36 AM Sylvester Hillard   Joeb
11:40 AM Matt Adams   Work
11:45 AM D. Brown   Your Grace & Mercy
11:52 AM Jimmy McGee   Just Got Over You
11:57 AM Dr. E   Kicked To The Curb
12:04 PM Gene Walker   Last Night In Manhattan
12:09 PM Pete Mills   Dot Com
12:16 PM Michael Cox   Funkybutts
12:20 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Back To Basics
12:27 PM Eugene Walker   Love Faith Hope
12:31 PM Various Columbus Artists   Cherry Red
12:36 PM Jazz Ethics   Tell Me Something I Don't Know
12:43 PM Niki Hampton   One More Life
12:47 PM J. London   It's Summertime (Radio Edit)
12:52 PM Brother Reggie   Two Step Creepin'
12:58 PM Four Mints   Too Far Gone
1:02 PM Nancy Wilson   Just To Keep You Satisfied
1:07 PM Nichole Davis   Bye Bye
1:14 PM Vanessa Rubin   Simone
1:18 PM Tony Monaco   Crosscut Saw
1:25 PM Mike Harris   Everything Is Ok
1:32 PM Danny Aguiar   Charm Offensive
1:37 PM Carl Sally   The Madison Shuffle
1:39 PM Teeny Tucker   I Can Do All That
1:44 PM Gregory Emler   Focus The Vision
1:48 PM NuCorp   Say My Name
1:51 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   January
1:57 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Stand Up And Swing
2:02 PM Kim Pensyl   Road To Hana
2:07 PM Copacetic   Steady Motion
2:13 PM LA Sky   Route 101
2:19 PM Dwight Lenox   Someone To Watch Over Me
2:24 PM Patrol   The Marauder
2:31 PM Gussie Miller   Just That Way
2:35 PM Christian Howes   Liebesleid
2:40 PM Mark Hampton   Talk To Me
2:47 PM Gerald Albright   Georgia On My Mind
2:53 PM Gerald Albright   Georgia On My Mind (Reprise)
3:00 PM Conya Doss   Those Wur De Dayz
3:04 PM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 24 Who Is This King
3:05 PM Isaac Simpson & DP   I Call On You
3:11 PM Khasmir   Revolution
3:17 PM Darchelle Williams   Walk In The Way
3:21 PM Kate Ross   Jazz
3:26 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Before You Go
3:30 PM Gene Walker   Hey There
3:36 PM Tia Harris   Crystal Ball
3:43 PM Priscilla Woodson   We Have Come Into This House
3:48 PM Mark Flugge   Soiree
3:55 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Back To Genesis
4:02 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Make It With You
4:06 PM Rusty Bryant   That Old Black Magic
4:10 PM Joey Sommerville   Karma
4:18 PM Dominick Farinnaci   I Concentrate On You
4:23 PM Danny Aguiar   Fim Do Ciclo (End Of Cycle)
4:27 PM Liquid Crystal Project   B´s Gem
4:32 PM Simpli Tai   The Lord's Prayer
4:36 PM Nichole Davis   I Like
4:41 PM Tony Monaco   Just Give Thanks And Praise
4:46 PM Conya Doss   Ain't Giving Up
4:50 PM Brother Reggie   Human Nature
4:55 PM DJ Matavi  Nothing More, Nothing Less
5:04 PM J. London   Is He The One?
5:09 PM Michael Cox   Fast Train Whistles Down
5:15 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   It's A Blue World
5:20 PM Vanessa Rubin   In A Sentimental Mood
5:26 PM Gregory Emler   Remember No More
5:30 PM Marcy Vaughn Forte   Lost Child
5:37 PM Anointed Harmony   Reason
5:41 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   My Funny Valentine
5:44 PM Aaron Diehl  Bess, You is My Woman Now
5:54 PM Lawrence Winkfield   Deja Vu
5:58 PM Capsoul Group   All I Need To Make It
6:02 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Gabriella's Smile
6:09 PM Eileen Howard   Manhattan
6:14 PM Hank Marr   Stolen Sweets
6:18 PM Priscilla Woodson   My Funny Valentine
6:23 PM Kim Pensyl   Buckles
6:28 PM Sylvester Hillard   Chitlin Bounce
6:32 PM Pete Mills   Remembrance
6:39 PM Mark Flugge   Drivin' The Bus
6:46 PM Tim Cummiskey   Time Remembered
6:51 PM Chuz Alfred Quintet   Alone Today
6:57 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Restoring The Years
7:02 PM Dan White Sextet   This Little Light of Mine
7:05 PM Tim Cummiskey Trio   How Deep Is The Ocean
7:13 PM Tia Harris  Is It Red, Jazz
7:20 PM Christian Howes   Gumbo Klomp
7:25 PM Teeny Tucker   Commit A Crime
7:30 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Bridge To Paradise
7:35 PM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan   Mack Attack
7:38 PM Tony Monaco   Magenta Moon
7:47 PM Priscilla Woodson   There Is Power In The Blood
7:49 PM Tim Dvorkin   Grooveland
7:56 PM Rusty Bryant   Draggin' the Line
8:01 PM Brother Reggie   One In A Million
8:06 PM Gussie Miller   Give It All (Feat. Jay Gore)
8:10 PM Conya Doss   What Should I Do?
8:16 PM Al Frierson & The C~Town Allstars   Sunset Cruisin
8:22 PM Anointed Harmony   Think Bigger
8:27 PM Bits and Pieces   Summertime
8:35 PM Michael Cox   Cottontail
8:38 PM Gregory Emler   Fear Not
8:41 PM Broadstreet Lineup   What You Won't Do For Love
8:46 PM Mark Hampton   Take Your Time
8:51 PM Liberated Soul Project   Baby It's You
8:55 PM InnerVision   At Last
9:03 PM Marcy Vaughn Forte   Hello Truth
9:07 PM Liquid Crystal Project   Retreat At Turnberry
9:10 PM Marion Black   Who Knows
9:14 PM Kim Pensyl   Echo Of Another Time
9:19 PM Jimmy McGee   Talk To Me
9:22 PM J. London   It's Summertime (Video Version)
9:29 PM Inner City Blues Band   Treat Me So Cold
9:32 PM LA Sky   Papa Was A Rolling Stone
9:42 PM Joey Sommerville   I Just Wanna Be With You
9:47 PM Jazz Ethics   Indifference
9:51 PM Nichole Davis   Oh Why
9:54 PM Andy Woodson   Walk
10:03 PM Teeny Tucker   Hound Dog
10:06 PM P. Raney Coalition   Don't Stop Caring
10:11 PM Linda Dachtyl (LDB3 And Friends)   Walkin' With Mr. Lee
10:17 PM Lawrence Preston   (What I Can ) Do With It
10:21 PM Meilana Gillard   Red Sky
10:27 PM Lawrence Welton   R S V P
10:33 PM Copacetic   Run The Race
10:39 PM Eugene Walker   Present Day Job
10:45 PM Christian Howes   Diamonds In The Rough
10:51 PM Kool Blues   I Want To Be Ready
10:55 PM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan   Mac Flava
11:02 PM Tony Monaco   Fungi mama
11:07 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Out Of This World
11:10 PM Jas Miller   Isle Of View
11:14 PM Michael Cox   Funkybutts
11:19 PM Sylvester Hillard   To Fall From Grace
11:22 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   True Love
11:27 PM Rusty Bryant   Frances' Dream
11:31 PM Conya Doss   Reaching for the Stars
11:35 PM Bryan Olsheski   The Good Life
11:43 PM Dr. E   Good Girl Down
11:47 PM Priscilla Woodson   Blue Skies
11:49 PM Dwight Lenox   Mourning Into Dancing
11:53 PM Gregory Emler   Understanding

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