Day 2 Playlist

(Almost 25% of our daily playlist is the music of our own Homegrown musicians)

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Friday, February 2, 2018
The Music of Homegrown Musicians Only


12:00 AM Lawrence Preston   Driving Me Away
12:04 AM Christian Howes   Laughing Song
12:08 AM Richard Lopez Trio   Nova Bossa Mio
12:13 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Montara
12:18 AM Kim Pensyl   Sunset Silhouette
12:22 AM Tony Monaco   Softly As The Morning Sunrise
12:30 AM Simpli Tai   How Great Is Our God
12:36 AM Darchelle Williams   Turn Left
12:44 AM Rusty Bryant   Love for sale
12:50 AM Gene Walker   The Days Of Wine And Roses
12:54 AM Mark Flugge   The Borderland
12:59 AM NuCorp   Don't Rush
1:04 AM Bobby Floyd   Infant Eyes
1:14 AM Niki Hampton   Thank You Lord
1:18 AM Metalbaby   Knockout Ned
1:23 AM J. London   Say Hello
1:27 AM Mike Harris   Happy Anniversary
1:33 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Forward Motion
1:39 AM Dwight Lenox   More Today Than Yesterday
1:43 AM Anna Haught   Beautiful
1:47 AM Sylvester Hillard   Just About The Bass
1:51 AM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Let Your Will
1:55 AM Lawrence Welton   Keep N Touch
1:59 AM Broadstreet Lineup   Me And Baby Brother
2:04 AM Duane Tribune   Enuff Of You
2:11 AM Gregory Emler   Receiving The End
2:13 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Shammah
2:19 AM Conya Doss   Emotions
2:23 AM Randy Villars   The First Time
2:28 AM Al Frierson & The C~Town Allstars   Hope You Feel It
2:34 AM Plaid Brixx   Chemistry
2:38 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Into The Night
2:42 AM Bryan Olsheski   102 Degrees
2:54 AM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Afro Blue
3:00 AM Jimmy McGee   Pain (ft. The Shark)
3:05 AM Suade   Say I Do
3:10 AM Felicia Bond   Look Inside Me
3:15 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Boo Boo Be Doop
3:20 AM Eugene Walker   Kosher
3:25 AM Tony Monaco   Serenity
3:28 AM Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr  A World Without You
3:31 AM D. Brown   Song Of Solomon
3:37 AM Vanessa Rubin   Yardbird Suite
3:41 AM Jas Miller   Expresso Yo Selfie
3:45 AM Bobby Floyd   Get On Board
3:54 AM Darchelle Williams   Wisdom
4:00 AM Rusty Bryant   Appalachian Green
4:05 AM Kim Pensyl   Right Outside Your Window
4:12 AM Lawrence Preston   Something For You
4:16 AM Mojoflo   Love & Hatred
4:20 AM Andy Woodson   October
4:30 AM Joey Sommerville   Overnight Sensation
4:34 AM Danny Aguiar   Ligia
4:40 AM Inner City Blues Band   Table Scraps
4:45 AM NuCorp   Weekend
4:50 AM Christian Howes   Sing Me Softly of the Blues
4:56 AM Mark Hampton   Can't Keep Me Down
5:01 AM Sylvester Hillard   Mississippi Bound
5:04 AM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Solid Rock
5:12 AM Brother Reggie   Stand By Me
5:18 AM Priscilla Woodson   Pass Me Not
5:26 AM Isaac Simpson & DP   So Good (The Process Album Version)
5:30 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Green Eyes
5:35 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Passions
5:40 AM Eileen Howard   Throwing Stones
5:44 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Peach Cobbler
5:49 AM Four Mints   In A Rut (Rehearsal)
5:52 AM Dr. E   Your Everything
5:55 AM Dick Mackey   Tulip Or Turnip
6:00 AM Dwight Lenox   Here's That Rainy Day
6:04 AM Lawrence Welton   I'm So Glad
6:09 AM Jazz Ethics   When Hearts Fly Free
6:16 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Monterey Bay
6:21 AM Kool Blues   Can We Try Love Again
6:25 AM Vanessa Rubin   Close Enough For Love
6:30 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Burning Bush
6:35 AM Sabrina Tutstone   My Funny Valentine
6:40 AM Patrol   Laid Back
6:46 AM Nichole Davis   Sweet Sounds
6:50 AM Tony Monaco   But Beautiful
6:56 AM Dean Marcellana   11:00 p.m.
7:01 AM Anointed Harmony   Hands Of Love
7:06 AM Rusty Bryant   Moonlight Garden Stomp
7:07 AM Mojoflo   Someone To Love
7:14 AM The Jazz Gallery Project   How High The Moon
7:17 AM Gussie Miller   The Arms Of Love (Feat. Mick Taras)
7:21 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Day By Day
7:26 AM Bobby Floyd   Hank's Idea
7:31 AM Kim Pensyl   Point Blank
7:35 AM Tim Cummiskey   How Insensitive
7:42 AM Darchelle Williams   Celebrity
7:46 AM Christian Howes   That's All It Was
7:52 AM Les Ridley   Born To Give His Life (featuring Kweli Burton)
7:58 AM Elijah & The Ebonites   Hot Grits!!! (Instrumental)
8:00 AM Conya Doss   Jamie (Come Back)
8:04 AM Tim Cummiskey Trio   Giant Steps
8:13 AM InnerVision   Unchain My Heart
8:17 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Ocean View
8:22 AM Sylvester Hillard   If Infinity Ends
8:25 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   A Swinging Serenade
8:30 AM NuCorp   Like It Used To Be
8:34 AM Various Columbus Artists   Canadian Sunset
8:44 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   My Girl
8:46 AM Eugene Walker   The Woo Woo
8:50 AM Kate Ross   Meet Me
8:54 AM Felicia Bond   You Need Me
8:58 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Blue Tango
9:00 AM Dick Mackey   Bittersweet
9:06 AM Riley Richard   Grooving Smoothly
9:10 AM P. Raney Coalition   Freedom Island
9:12 AM Bryan Olsheski   Daahoud
9:19 AM D. Brown   Selah
9:24 AM Tony Monaco   Hang On Sloopy
9:27 AM Rusty Bryant   Honky Tonk Part 2
9:31 AM Aaron Diehl   Single Petal of a Rose
9:37 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Karen's Song
9:42 AM Brother Reggie   Moon Beam Walkin'
9:46 AM Nichole Davis   More Of You
9:50 AM Gregory Emler   Prosper
9:53 AM Dwight Lenox   There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon
9:59 AM Gussie Miller   This Doubting Heart
10:04 AM Gene Walker   Lover Man
10:10 AM Christian Howes   Summertime
10:19 AM J. London   It's Summertime
10:23 AM Conya Doss   Stay
10:28 AM Eileen Howard   Love Can Change
10:34 AM Linda Dachtyl   Tone Wheel Grease
10:40 AM Darchelle Williams   Pieces Of The Puzzle
10:44 AM Kim Pensyl   Alone
10:50 AM Dr. E   Giving My Life To You
10:55 AM Sylvester Hillard   Textures
10:57 AM Anointed Harmony   Just To Know
11:01 AM The Jazz Gallery Project   Ease On In
11:03 AM Nancy Wilson   When October Goes
11:06 AM Carl Sally   Midnight Sun
11:10 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Awake
11:16 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Kiggundu's Bazaar
11:21 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Tyrone
11:28 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Coisa #10
11:32 AM Vanessa Rubin   Mosaic
11:36 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   I Made It Through The Rain
11:41 AM Tia Harris   I'll Be Seeing You Next Time Around
11:45 AM Randy Villars   Dream Street
11:49 AM Bobby Floyd   Yesterdays
11:58 AM Bill Moss   Number One
12:03 PM Candy Dulfer   Allright
12:07 PM Candy Dulfer   So What
12:13 PM Rusty Bryant   Sooty
12:15 PM Dick Mackey  Music, Maestro Please
12:21 PM Tony Monaco   Girl Talk
12:25 PM D. Brown   Restore Me
12:31 PM Pete Mills   Talkin' with the Tubs
12:38 PM Teeny Tucker   Saint Louis Blues
12:41 PM Gussie Miller   Stand In The Light (Feat. Kevin Jones & Mick Taras)
12:45 PM Gregory Emler   Trinity
12:51 PM NuCorp   Remember Me
12:55 PM Khasmir   Sambattitude
1:00 PM InnerVision   Soulshine
1:05 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Ain't No Sunshine
1:08 PM Isaac Simpson & DP   Hide In Me (Reprise)
1:14 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Harbor Vista
1:20 PM Conya Doss   Heaven
1:24 PM Dan White Sextet   Mob Song (Kill The Beast)
1:29 PM Kim Pensyl   Brazilian Dreams
1:37 PM Kate Ross   Home To Me
1:40 PM Eileen Howard   What Would Happen?
1:44 PM Patrol   Get Here
1:54 PM Mojoflo   Whatcha Think About That?
2:00 PM Adria Shahid   Lay Me Down
2:03 PM NexLevel   Thursday
2:11 PM Darchelle Williams   Santa Ana Winds
2:14 PM Linda Dachtyl   Happy To Be
2:21 PM Hank Marr   Kathern The Great
2:29 PM Christian Howes   La Zingana
2:32 PM Mark Hampton   God's On Your Side
2:34 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   Naima
2:43 PM Vanessa Rubin   When We Were One
2:47 PM Gerald Albright   Georgia On My Mind
2:53 PM Gerald Albright   Georgia On My Mind (Reprise)
3:00 PM Dwight Lenox   I've Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
3:04 PM DJ Matavi   Simple Choice
3:12 PM Lawrence Welton   Get At It
3:16 PM Gene Walker   Gold Coast
3:21 PM Rusty Bryant   Back Street
3:26 PM Michael Cox   Jo-Jo Chasing
3:31 PM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Bumper To Bumper
3:35 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Glad
3:40 PM Matt Adams   Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
3:44 PM Tony Monaco   I Can't Give You Anything But Love
3:52 PM Andy Woodson   As Of Yet
4:01 PM Mark Flugge   Amour Se Lamente
4:05 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Chris's Song
4:07 PM Priscilla Woodson   What A Friend We Have In Jesus
4:11 PM Teeny Tucker   Muddier Things Get
4:14 PM Conya Doss   The One
4:19 PM LA Sky   Betcha By Golly Wow
4:25 PM Kim Pensyl   Places I've Been
4:30 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   What Kind Of Fool Am I
4:34 PM Eugene Walker   Shine On
4:41 PM Bobby Floyd   Autumn Leaves
4:48 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Prez Conference
4:52 PM Dean Marcellana   McCoy
5:00 PM Anointed Harmony   I Know
5:03 PM Erin McDougald   Don't Be on the Outside EM
5:09 PM The Governor   Time For Romancing
5:14 PM Tim Dvorkin   Lollypop Candy
5:24 PM Dick Mackey   Take Love Easy
5:27 PM Vernon Hairston   Isaiah 12 Cry Out With Joy
5:31 PM Sylvester Hillard   Manual Dexterity
5:34 PM Broadstreet Lineup   Blue Collar
5:39 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Back To Sender
5:46 PM Plaid Brixx   Heartbreaker
5:49 PM Liquid Crystal Project   Loran?s Dance Redux
5:53 PM Eileen Howard   Absent Without Leave
5:58 PM D. Brown   Eclectic
6:00 PM Nichole Davis   I'm In Love (Remix)
6:04 PM Mike Harris   Hold On Tight Baby
6:11 PM Jas Miller   Room To Wriggle
6:15 PM Rusty Bryant   Secret Love
6:18 PM Lawrence Winkfield   Satin Doll
6:23 PM Buckeye Politicians   Me And You
6:29 PM Darchelle Williams   King Of Kings
6:34 PM Christian Howes   Out of the Blue
6:42 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   A Laugh For Rory
6:45 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Kenton's Swag
6:49 PM Remedial Blue   Summertime
6:55 PM Tony Monaco   Speak Low
7:00 PM Conya Doss   Message
7:04 PM Kim Pensyl   Mornin'
7:11 PM Gussie Miller   Make It Right (Feat. Mike Cordone)
7:17 PM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Island Breeze
7:22 PM Mark Hampton   Chill
7:28 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Northshore Express
7:34 PM Tim Dvorkin Trio   G.B.
7:40 PM Simpli Tai   There Is None Like You
7:47 PM Bobby Floyd   Jesus Loves Me
7:51 PM The Jazz Gallery Project   Autumn Leaves
7:56 PM Joey Sommerville   Overnight Sensation
8:00 PM NexLevel   Level One
8:08 PM LA Sky   What Is This Thing Called Love
8:17 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Moon River
8:19 PM Steve Smith, Tony Monaco & Vinny Valentino  It's Only A Paper Moon
8:26 PM Linda Dachtyl (LDB3 And Friends)   Sudden Samba
8:31 PM Suade   All I Am
8:35 PM Kate Ross   Up Into The Big Blue Sound
8:41 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Quick Step
8:45 PM Liquid Crystal Project   We Fall Down
8:49 PM Nancy Wilson   I Can't Make You Love Me (After Hours Mix)
8:53 PM P. Raney Coalition   Reflections
9:00 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Crossing The Red Sea
9:05 PM Metalbaby   Got Something (featuring Happy Chichester)
9:10 PM Danny Aguiar   Melancia
9:16 PM Sylvester Hillard   Ominous People
9:20 PM InnerVision   You Have Loved Through It All
9:26 PM Gene Walker   Time After Time
9:30 PM Rusty Bryant   St. Thomas
9:36 PM Jimmy McGee   Own It
9:42 PM Dwight Lenox   S'Wonderful
9:44 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Angel
9:49 PM Tony Monaco   The Preacher
10:01 PM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Like Someone In Love
10:08 PM Vanessa Rubin   Love For Sale
10:13 PM Remedial Blue   Sunny
10:17 PM Teeny Tucker   Heavy Load
10:20 PM Mike Harris   Let's Get It On
10:25 PM Dean Marcellana   W.C. Influenced
10:32 PM Dick Mackey   I Could Care Less
10:35 PM Tim Dvorkin Trio   Without You
10:41 PM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan   Hans Flava
10:45 PM FYI Quintet   Equinox
11:00 PM Conya Doss   Starship
11:04 PM Darchelle Williams   Show Kindness
11:10 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Without A Song (Medley)
11:16 PM Tia Harris   Lonely Without You
11:21 PM Kim Pensyl   Since You've Been Gone
11:27 PM Steve Smith, Tony Monaco & Vinny Valentino  The Brush Off
11:33 PM NexLevel   Ocean View
11:36 PM Elijah & The Ebonites   Hot Grits!!!
11:42 PM Christian Howes   Laughing Tango
11:46 PM Bryan Olsheski   B3 Logic
11:56 PM Mark Hampton   Royalty

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