Day 20 Playlist

(Almost 25% of our daily playlist is the music of our own Homegrown musicians)

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast


12:00 AM Midnight Rendezvous

12:02 AM Tony Monaco   Hang On Sloopy
12:05 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Turn Out The Stars
12:11 AM Conya Doss   Doesn't Have To Be This Way
12:15 AM Kim Pensyl   Island Postcard
12:19 AM Kwame Prince Kese   My Everything
12:26 AM LA Sky   Europa
12:32 AM Rusty Bryant   The Hump Bump
12:38 AM Vanessa Rubin   Yardbird Suite
12:42 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Da Ba Di Do (Sonrisa de Zoe)
12:46 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Rub-A-Dub
12:51 AM Dwight Lenox   Our Love Here Is Here To Stay
12:54 AM Mark Hampton   Take Your Time
1:01 AM Nichole Davis   Thank You Lord
1:05 AM J. London   Faith In Us
1:10 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   When You Wish Upon A Star
1:14 AM Teeny Tucker   Unlucky Girl
1:17 AM P. Raney Coalition   Soledad
1:24 AM D. Brown   I Surrender
1:30 AM Hank Marr   Amazing Grace
1:36 AM InnerVision   Soulshine
1:40 AM Liquid Crystal Project   Digital Funky
1:44 AM Jared Mahone   Too Much For Me
1:48 AM Andy Woodson   Dominica
1:54 AM Linda Dachtyl   Little Red Rooster
2:01 AM Dan White Sextet   Pop Goes The Weasel
2:04 AM Adria Shahid   I Can Love You Better
2:08 AM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   Samba Con Carney
2:12 AM Sylvester Hillard   Children Of The Sun
2:16 AM Darchelle Williams   From The Heart
2:21 AM Inner City Blues Band   Just a Little Bit
2:26 AM Matt Adams   Blue Moon
2:31 AM Tony Monaco   Rudy and the Fox
2:35 AM Four Mints   In A Rut (Rehearsal)
2:39 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   The Meaning of the Blues
2:45 AM Conya Doss   Get On My Nerves
2:50 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Fingers In The Wind
2:55 AM Pete Mills   Diggin' on Dexter

3:00 AM The Classic and Smoothly Brewed Blend

3:01 AM Rusty Bryant   My Shining Hour
3:04 AM Marcy Vaughn Forte   Lost Child
3:09 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Peach Cobbler
3:14 AM Gregory Emler   His Thoughts
3:18 AM Kim Pensyl   Eyes Of Wonder
3:22 AM Richard Lopez Trio   Some Other Time
3:29 AM Tia Harris   Fly Away With Me
3:34 AM Eugene Walker   Present Day Job
3:41 AM Mike Harris   Let's Get It On
3:46 AM J. London   Straight (Remix)
3:51 AM Tim Cummiskey   Darn That Dream
3:59 AM Vanessa Rubin   Being Green
4:01 AM Christian Howes   Cinema Paradiso
4:07 AM DJ Matavi   Unity
4:16 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Battle Hymn Of The Republic
4:19 AM Brother Reggie   Stand By Me
4:24 AM Dwight Lenox   Mourning Into Dancing
4:30 AM Buckeye Politicians   Carmalita
4:34 AM Jimmy McGee   Get To Know You
4:38 AM Kate Ross   Home To Me
4:42 AM Mark Hampton   Talk To Me
4:46 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   I'm Old Fashioned
4:51 AM Gussie Miller   Forever Plan (For Alexandria)
4:57 AM D. Brown   I Will (Extended Mix)
5:01 AM Vernon Hairston   Isaiah 12 Cry Out With Joy
5:04 AM Tony Monaco   White Dude Special
5:12 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Island Fever
5:18 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Quick Step
5:22 AM Conya Doss   The Wind
5:29 AM Darchelle Williams   You're My D.J.
5:34 AM Dan White Sextet   This Little Light of Mine
5:37 AM Sylvester Hillard   Joeb
5:42 AM Rusty Bryant   Pink Champagne
5:45 AM Matt Adams   My Little Brown Book
5:48 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Red Clay
5:55 AM Hank Marr   What! Not Another Greasy Spoon?
6:01 AM Liberated Soul Project   That's The Way Love Goes
6:07 AM Kim Pensyl   Simple Times
6:13 AM The Jazz Gallery Project   How High The Moon
6:16 AM Teeny Tucker   Voodoo Voodoo
6:18 AM Priscilla Woodson   Great Is They Faithfulness
6:23 AM Safety Squad   La Fiesta De Trineo
6:29 AM Dick Mackey   Drifting
6:31 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   The Inflated Tear
6:37 AM Richard Lopez Trio   If I Only Had A Brain
6:41 AM Liquid Crystal Project   Loran´s Dance Redux
6:45 AM Four Mints   In A Rut (Instrumental)
6:50 AM Gene Walker   February 14th
6:54 AM J. London   Why Must We Be Alone

7:00 AM The Morning Brew

7:01 AM Project Life   Everlasting Life
7:08 AM Mark Flugge   A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
7:12 AM Michael Cox   One For Dexter
7:17 AM Eileen Howard   What Would Happen?
7:22 AM Linda Dachtyl   Frame For The Blues
7:30 AM Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden   Never Let Me Go
7:34 AM Les Ridley   Born To Give His Life (featuring Kweli Burton)
7:39 AM Tony Monaco   To Be Continued
7:41 AM Whitmore Funk   Dance With You
7:47 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Love Letters
7:53 AM Conya Doss   Call Me
7:57 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Monterey Bay
8:00 AM Buckeye Politicians   Make Love To You
8:06 AM Christian Howes   When Will the Blues Leave
8:11 AM Rusty Bryant   Hanka Boo
8:13 AM Mark Hampton   Relax Your Mind
8:19 AM Darchelle Williams   Celebrity
8:24 AM NuCorp   Weekend
8:28 AM Nichole Davis   It's Why I Live
8:33 AM P. Raney Coalition   Tropical Groove
8:39 AM Felicia Bond   I-70 West
8:42 AM Kim Pensyl   Mornin'
8:49 AM Joey Sommerville   The Next Big Thing (ft. Elan Trotman)
8:54 AM Dwight Lenox   He Looked Beyond My Faults
8:59 AM Jared Mahone   Already Gone
9:02 AM Hank Marr   Emily
9:07 AM Mike Harris   Where Your Whistle
9:12 AM Tim Cummiskey   This I Dig Of You
9:19 AM Gussie Miller   Just That Way
9:23 AM Sylvester Hillard   Phone Me
9:25 AM J. London   Don't Be Afraid
9:30 AM Richard Lopez Trio   Cherokee
9:38 AM Tim Dvorkin   Some Like It Hot
9:45 AM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 112 The Just Man
9:48 AM Dick Mackey   I Could Care Less
9:51 AM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   Hip Shakin'
9:58 AM Patrol   5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time Is Up)
9:58 AM Up Next   Patrol

10:00 AM The Morning Brew - Special Roast Edition

10:03 AM Jazz Ethics   Diamond Bird
10:10 AM Tony Monaco   Mona Lisa
10:15 AM Adria Shahid   My Light Is On
10:20 AM Vince Andrews   Get Here
10:25 AM Conya Doss   Missing You
10:29 AM Brother Reggie   Two Step Creepin'
10:34 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Slap That Thang
10:38 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Walkin' By The River
10:41 AM Jimmy McGee   I'm Over You
10:48 AM Rusty Bryant   Honky Tonk Part 2
10:50 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Kings Hill
10:55 AM NexLevel   Ocean View
11:03 AM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan   Mac Moment
11:10 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Bentley Place
11:13 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Love For Sale
11:19 AM Kim Pensyl   Alone
11:23 AM Randy Villars   Dream Street
11:27 AM J.C. Brittan   Give Your Life To Jesus
11:33 AM Gene Walker   Don't Go To Strangers
11:38 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Day By Day
11:40 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Make It With You
11:46 AM Dwight Lenox   Beyond The Sea
11:49 AM Christian Howes   Early Autumn
11:54 AM Gregory Emler   Open My Eyes

12:00 PM Sax's Mid Afternoon Music Showcase

12:02 PM Liquid Crystal Project   A Tribute To The Beatnuts
12:05 PM Lawrence Preston   Driving Me Away
12:10 PM Safety Squad   Junkyard Jam
12:20 PM Mark Flugge   Drivin' The Bus
12:27 PM Matt Adams   (Man Has Dream) ... Dream Comes True
12:33 PM Nancy Wilson   The Two of Us (featuring Ramsey Lewis)
12:38 PM Marcy Vaughn Forte   You
12:43 PM Mark Hampton   [Untitled]
12:47 PM Tony Monaco   Apple Honey
12:52 PM Danny Aguiar   Solya & Serene
1:00 PM Elizabeth Mis   Into The AtMISphere
1:04 PM Conya Doss   Ain't Giving Up
1:10 PM J. London   Come Over Here
1:13 PM P. Raney Coalition   Song For The World
1:13 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Dearly Befuddled
1:22 PM Broadstreet Lineup   The Chicken
1:32 PM Gussie Miller   Make It Right (Feat. Mike Cordone)
1:37 PM Rusty Bryant   Frances' Dream
1:41 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   He Watched Me
1:45 PM Andy Woodson   Cary
1:52 PM Nancy Wilson   A Lady With a Song
1:57 PM Liberated Soul Project   Price Tag
2:03 PM LA Sky   Papa Was A Rolling Stone
2:12 PM Tia Harris   Lies
2:17 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Forward Motion
2:23 PM Eileen Howard  New York, New York
2:28 PM Kim Pensyl   Are You Ready?
2:32 PM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   Moon-ithology
2:38 PM Linda Dachtyl   One Mint Julep
2:43 PM Nichole Davis   You're My God
2:47 PM Lawrence Welton   Get At It
2:52 PM Darchelle Williams   Santa Ana Winds
2:56 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   The Lady Is A Tramp
2:58 PM Dwight Lenox   My Shining Hour

3:00 PM Commuter Jazz

3:02 PM D. Brown   Your Grace & Mercy
3:07 PM Randy Mather   Body And Soul
3:13 PM Hank Marr   I'm Saving All My Sweet Hugs 4U
3:20 PM Vanessa Rubin   Simone
3:24 PM Patrol   You Are Going Nowhere
3:29 PM Teeny Tucker   Bumble Bee
3:34 PM Tony Monaco   It's Been So Nice To Be With You
3:38 PM Priscilla Woodson   Precious Lord
3:43 PM Jimmy McGee   I Don't Play
3:48 PM Paradise Island Band   Shotgun (Live)
3:52 PM Conya Doss   What Should I Do?
3:55 PM Tim Cummiskey   You Stepped Out Of A Dream
4:01 PM Khasmir   Sweepin' Up
4:05 PM Christian Howes   Out of the Blue
4:11 PM Billy (Playhouse) Zehnal   Bath Mat
4:19 PM Mark Hampton   Out Of Egypt
4:23 PM Eugene Walker   The Woo Woo
4:27 PM Nancy Wilson   A Fool In Love
4:33 PM Sylvester Hillard   The Phoenix
4:37 PM Dominick Farinnaci   You Don't Know What Love Is
4:44 PM Kwame Prince Kese   A Journey To Israel
4:53 PM J. London   Come Over Here (Instrumental)
4:57 PM Suade   He'll Never Love Ya
5:01 PM Rusty Bryant   Honeydripper
5:05 PM Kim Pensyl   Say You Will
5:10 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Orange Sherbet
5:17 PM Matt Adams   Banda ACE H
5:27 PM Lawrence Welton   Good Loving
5:31 PM Danny Aguiar   Charm Offensive
5:37 PM Adria Shahid   Lay Me Down
5:41 PM NuCorp   Remember Me
5:46 PM Dwight Lenox   My Romance
5:49 PM D. Brown   You Are My God
5:56 PM Pete Mills   Pumpkin Shoes

6:00 PM The Evening Roast

6:01 PM Nathan T. Duncan   That's The Way I Feel
6:06 PM Mark Flugge   The Letter
6:10 PM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Taste Of Honey
6:13 PM Tony Monaco   O Barquino (My Little Boat)
6:18 PM Vanessa Rubin   Voyager II
6:25 PM Joey Sommerville   Forever
6:29 PM Richard Lopez Trio   Song For My Father
6:36 PM Conya Doss   Good Good
6:40 PM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Afro Blue
6:47 PM Tim Dvorkin   G.B.
6:53 PM Hank Marr   Home at Last
7:03 PM Gregory Emler   I Said In My Heart
7:07 PM Dr. E   Kicked To The Curb
7:11 PM Mark Hampton   Parables
7:16 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   Chasma (Shimrit Shoshan tribute)
7:20 PM Jimmy McGee   Ride
7:24 PM Elizabeth Mis   Buggin'
7:29 PM Jared Mahone   Family Matters
7:33 PM Rusty Bryant   Why Was I Born
7:36 PM The Jazz Gallery Project   All Blues
7:43 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Old Rugged Cross
7:50 PM Kim Pensyl   Gone Too Soon
7:53 PM Sabrina Tutstone   My Funny Valentine

8:00 PM The Sunset Jazz Series

8:01 PM Linda Dachtyl  Straight, No Chaser
8:05 PM Anointed Harmony   Reason
8:09 PM Christian Howes   Invasion Of The Forest
8:16 PM P. Raney Coalition   Miles Away
8:23 PM J. London   Reflections Of (Dub Mix)
8:27 PM Mojoflo   Sho Would
8:31 PM Metalbaby   Three Little Birds (featuring Happy Chichester)
8:35 PM Isaac Simpson & DP   Hide In Me (Reprise)
8:40 PM Priscilla Woodson   Them There Eyes
8:45 PM Nathan T. Duncan  Forever Yours, Forever Mine
8:49 PM Matt Adams   Autumn's Hope
8:56 PM Tony Monaco   Blues for T
9:03 PM NexLevel   In The Moment
9:08 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Out Of Nowhere
9:10 PM Teeny Tucker   Hound Dog
9:14 PM Conya Doss   Damn That
9:18 PM Sylvester Hillard   The Legend
9:22 PM Linda Dachtyl (LDB3 And Friends)   Walkin' With Mr. Lee
9:28 PM D. Brown   Restore Me
9:34 PM Felicia Bond   Inside I Cry
9:38 PM Gregory Emler   Crown Of Life
9:44 PM Dr. E   Here's That Rainy Day
9:47 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   That Song (This Love)
9:52 PM Kwame Prince Kese   I Lift Up My Eyes
9:57 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   The Party's Over

10:00 PM The Twilight Jazz Series

10:01 PM Simpli Tai   There Is None Like You
10:09 PM Gene Walker   Mean Greens
10:16 PM Mark Hampton   [Untitled]
10:20 PM Rusty Bryant   Slow Drag
10:23 PM Tim Cummiskey   I'll Close My Eyes
10:29 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Which Way Is It Going
10:31 PM Patrol   Get Here
10:39 PM Linda Dachtyl   Deep Purple
10:46 PM Jimmy McGee   Own It
10:51 PM Mike Harris   Happy Anniversary
10:56 PM Jared Mahone   California
11:02 PM Simpli Tai   Lord I Thirst For You
11:08 PM Dwight Lenox   There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon
11:12 PM Christian Howes   No Quarter
11:18 PM Dick Mackey   I Love To Sing
11:20 PM Kim Pensyl   Morning Isle
11:26 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Unconditional
11:32 PM Tony Monaco   Girl talk
11:36 PM Pete Mills   In Walked Bud
11:40 PM Joey Sommerville   Overnight Sensation
11:44 PM Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden   Hey There
11:49 PM Conya Doss   Feelin' You
11:53 PM Whitmore Funk   Cool Breeze
11:55 PM Hank Marr   Paris in April

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