Day 22 Playlist

(Almost 25% of our daily playlist is the music of our own Homegrown musicians)

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast


12:00 AM Midnight Rendezvous

12:02 AM Lawrence Winkfield   'Round Midnight
12:06 AM Bryan Olsheski   102 Degrees
12:16 AM Dean Marcellana   11:00 p.m.
12:25 AM Tim Dvorkin   2 Moons
12:31 AM Vernon Hairston   22 My God
12:36 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   A Beautiful Bang
12:44 AM Kim Pensyl   A New Morning
12:50 AM Rusty Bryant   A Night In Tunisia
12:56 AM Mark Flugge   A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
1:03 AM Meilana Gillard   A Spirit Remembered
1:08 AM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   A Word From You
1:12 AM Tony Monaco   Acid Wash
1:24 AM Jazz Ethics   Afraid
1:29 AM Carl Sally   Ain't No Sunshine
1:34 AM The Jazz Gallery Project   All Blues
1:42 AM Simpli Tai   All Heavens Declare
1:47 AM Dwight Lenox   All The Things You Are
1:50 AM Mark Hampton   All Things
1:57 AM Patrol   Brand New Vision
2:02 AM Lawrence Winkfield   Angel Eyes
2:06 AM Greg Bandy   Anthropology
2:13 AM Pete Mills   April Tune
2:18 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   As Long As I'm Singing
2:21 AM Nathan T. Duncan   As Soon As We've Begun
2:28 AM InnerVision   At Last
2:33 AM Bobby Floyd   Autumn
2:34 AM The Jazz Gallery Project   Autumn Leaves
2:42 AM Hank Marr   B Jam Shuffle
2:47 AM Buckeye Politicians   Baby Blue
2:51 AM Tim Cummiskey   Bass Face

3:00 AM The Classic and Smoothly Brewed Blend

3:02 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Beautiful Friendship
3:03 AM Jared Mahone   Been Watchin You
3:06 AM Dave Powers   Bending Towards The Light
3:13 AM Riley Richard   Between You And I
3:17 AM Inner City Blues Band   Big Legged Woman
3:21 AM Matt Adams   Blue Moon
3:29 AM Liquid Crystal Project   Bongoss
3:30 AM Les Ridley   Born To Give His Life (featuring Kweli Burton)
3:34 AM LA Sky   Europa
3:43 AM Mark Hampton   Alpha & Omega
3:47 AM Elizabeth Mis   Breakaway
3:51 AM Linda Dachtyl   Bucket Full Of Soul
3:58 AM Eileen Howard   But Beautiful
4:02 AM Vanessa Rubin   But Not For Me
4:07 AM Christian Howes   Bye Bye Blackbird
4:20 AM Kim Pensyl   Calida
4:25 AM DJ Matavi   Calming Touch
4:33 AM Four Mints   Can't Get Strung Out
4:39 AM LA Sky   Cantaloupe Island
4:44 AM Kim Pensyl   Casino Square
4:49 AM Lawrence Preston   Driving Me Away
4:56 AM Andy Woodson   Catalpa
5:02 AM Jas Miller   Cheaper By The Dz.
5:10 AM Tia Harris   Chicago
5:15 AM Full Count Band   Chicago Song
5:20 AM Patrol   Club Jazz
5:29 AM Darchelle Williams   Columbus Ohio
5:32 AM Gregory Emler   Crown Of Life
5:37 AM Dr. E   Dance To My Song
5:44 AM Whitmore Funk   Dance With You
5:50 AM Dominick Farinnaci   Dawn Of Goodbye
6:02 AM Meilana Gillard   Day One
6:10 AM Danny Aguiar   De La Pra Ca
6:14 AM Teeny Tucker   Death Don't Have No Mercy
6:17 AM Lawrence Winkfield   Deja Vu
6:24 AM Joey Sommerville   Desire (ft. Earl Kulgh)
6:29 AM Dave Powers   Do You Hear What I Hear
6:34 AM Darchelle Williams   Do You Know
6:42 AM Duane Tribune   Enter In
6:48 AM J. London   Don't Be Afraid
6:51 AM Erin McDougald   Don't Be on the Outside EM

7:00 AM The Morning Brew

7:02 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Dream
7:06 AM Kim Pensyl   Casting Shadows
7:12 AM Pete Mills   Eddie
7:21 AM Dr. E   Elevated
7:25 AM Dominick Farinnaci   Dom's Blues
7:31 AM Danny Aguiar   Entre Amigos
7:40 AM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Estate
7:48 AM Les Ridley   Born To Give His Life (Instrumental)
7:52 AM Brother Reggie   Every Little Bit Hurts
8:02 AM Randy Villars   Every Moment
8:06 AM Gene Walker   Everybodys 'Somebodys' Fool
8:10 AM Lawrence Welton   Everythangz Alright
8:17 AM Mike Harris   Everything Is Ok
8:22 AM Adria Shahid   Everywhere You Go
8:26 AM DJ Matavi   Evolve
8:36 AM Nichole Davis   Fall Down
8:40 AM Riley Richard   Family Ties
8:44 AM Michael Cox   Fast Train Whistles Down
8:52 AM Gene Walker   February 14th
8:57 AM Anna Haught   Feeling Good
9:02 AM Danny Aguiar   Festa Biana
9:06 AM Duane Tribune   Float Away
9:14 AM Sylvester Hillard   Figures In The Snow
9:18 AM Jas Miller   Follow The Sun
9:25 AM Rusty Bryant   For the Good Times
9:30 AM Nancy Wilson   Forbidden Lover (featuring Carl Anderson)
9:34 AM Pete Mills   Fossil
9:43 AM Jimmy McGee   Found You
9:46 AM Broadstreet Lineup   Funky Fast Bump
9:49 AM Aaron Diehl   Generation Y
9:56 AM Vince Andrews   Get Here

10:00 AM The Local Scene (Homegrown Music)  Hosted By Joe "Zunardo" Jankowski

10:02 AM Tim Dvorkin   Gforce
10:11 AM Carl Sally   Glad To Be Unhappy
10:18 AM Kim Pensyl   Gone Too Soon
10:22 AM Greg Bandy   Good Booty And Barbecue
10:29 AM Hank Marr   Home at Last
10:38 AM Adria Shahid   Gray Sky Gold
10:42 AM Priscilla Woodson   Great Is They Faithfulness
10:46 AM Niki Hampton   Great Is Thy Faithfulness
10:53 AM FYI Quintet   Green Dolphin Street
11:02 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Groidology
11:10 AM Riley Richard   Grooving Smoothly
11:18 AM Nancy Wilson   Guess Who I Saw Today
11:21 AM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan   Hans Flava
11:24 AM Bobby Floyd   Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
11:31 AM Simpli Tai   He Looked Beyond My Faults
11:39 AM Alex White   He Said She Said
11:44 AM Suade   He'll Never Love Ya
11:51 AM Nancy Wilson   Hello Like Before
11:56 AM Isaac Simpson & DP   Hide In Me

12:00 PM Sax's Mid Afternoon Music Showcase  Hosted By Sax Johnson

12:02 PM Mike Harris   Hold On Tight Baby
12:09 PM Niki Hampton  Holy Spirit "Worship"
12:17 PM Priscilla Woodson   Good Morning Heartache
12:19 PM Eileen Howard   Home Is You
12:26 PM Brother Reggie   Human Nature
12:32 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   Hummin'
12:36 PM Four Mints   In A Rut
12:41 PM Simpli Tai   I Don't Mind Waiting
12:48 PM Marcy Vaughn Forte   I Don't Wanna Waste My Time
12:51 PM Steel Wheel Band   I Like The Way You Look
12:58 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   I Love You Yes I Do
1:02 PM Brother Reggie   I Remember Miles
1:06 PM Buckeye Politicians   I Trust In You
1:12 PM Nichole Davis   I Will Sing
1:16 PM Sabrina Tutstone   I Wish You Love
1:20 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   I'll Be Seeing You
1:26 PM Kelley Delavaris   I've Got The World On A String
1:29 PM Swing's The Thing Big Band   I've Heard That Song Before
1:33 PM Felicia Bond   I-70 West
1:39 PM Richard Lopez Trio   If I Only Had A Brain
1:44 PM Liberated Soul Project   Human Nature
1:48 PM Felicia Bond   In My Mind
1:52 PM Kim Pensyl   In Need Of Your Love
1:57 PM Mark Hampton   In The Beginning
2:02 PM Pete Mills   In Walked Bud
2:06 PM DJ Matavi   Inergy
2:15 PM Vanessa Rubin   Inside A Silent Tear
2:21 PM Jas Miller   Isle Of View
2:24 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   It Must Be Thursday
2:31 PM Hank Marr   It's 'bout Time
2:37 PM Marcy Vaughn Forte   It's All About Love
2:42 PM Copacetic   It's Good
2:49 PM Dick Mackey   It's Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight
2:54 PM J. London   It's Summertime (Radio Edit)
2:58 PM Kate Ross   Jazz

3:00 PM Commuter Jazz

3:04 PM Geoff Tyus   Jazz Brazilian
3:09 PM The Jazz Gallery Project   Jeffs Jam
3:14 PM Isaac Simpson & DP   Jesus Is Real
3:21 PM Khasmir   Let It Flow
3:25 PM Gregory Emler   Joy
3:29 PM Conya Doss   Just Because
3:36 PM Lawrence Welton   Keep On
3:40 PM Duane Tribune   Kingdom Rd.
3:45 PM Metalbaby   Labyrinth
3:52 PM Gene Walker   Last Night In Manhattan
3:58 PM Linda Dachtyl   Les Chats Bleus
4:02 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Let Everything That Hath Breath
4:06 PM Copacetic   Joy
4:11 PM Anointed Harmony   Let It Shine
4:17 PM Tia Harris   Lies
4:23 PM Metalbaby   Liquid Meat
4:30 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Little Girl Blue
4:34 PM Linda Dachtyl   Little Red Rooster
4:42 PM FYI Quintet   Little Sunflower
4:54 PM Rusty Bryant   Looking Through the Eyes of Love
4:58 PM Liquid Crystal Project   Loran?s Dance Redux
5:04 PM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Loud-Zee
5:11 PM Eugene Walker   Love Faith Hope
5:15 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Love For Sale
5:22 PM Sylvester Hillard   Love Supreme
5:25 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Lovellevelliloqui
5:29 PM Dominick Farinnaci   Lover Man
5:36 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Low Down
5:41 PM Aaron Diehl   Moonlight in Vermont
5:48 PM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan  Mac Flava, Pt 2
5:53 PM Lawrence Preston   Making Alterations
5:58 PM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Many Blessings

6:00 PM The Evening Roast

6:02 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   Martini Blues
6:09 PM Vanessa Rubin  Matchmaker, Matchmaker
6:13 PM Patrol   May I
6:20 PM Gene Walker   Mean Greens
6:28 PM Jimmy McGee   Meeting
6:32 PM Christian Howes  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
6:35 PM NexLevel   Midnight Blue
6:43 PM Greg Bandy   Miles Mode
6:52 PM NuCorp   Mississippi Woman
6:57 PM Mojoflo   Mojo Strut
7:05 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Moon River
7:07 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Moving Forward
7:12 PM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan  Mac Flava, Pt 3
7:21 PM Rusty Bryant   Mr. Wonderful
7:24 PM Dick Mackey  Music, Maestro Please
7:28 PM Mark Flugge  Music, Music Everywhere
7:38 PM Kwame Prince Kese   My Everything
7:44 PM Priscilla Woodson   My Funny Valentine
7:48 PM Anointed Harmony   New Day
7:55 PM Jared Mahone   No Me
7:57 PM Vanessa Rubin   No Strings Attached

8:00 PM The Sunset Jazz Series

8:02 PM Steel Wheel Band   Nosey People
8:09 PM Tia Harris   Not My Cup Of T
8:14 PM Tony Monaco   Ode to Brother Jack
8:18 PM Linda Dachtyl   On A Misty Night
8:27 PM Nathan T. Duncan   On The Boulevard
8:31 PM Geoff Tyus   On The Spot
8:39 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Once In A Lifetime
8:44 PM Gussie Miller   One And Only (Feat. Rick Keller)
8:48 PM Dean Marcellana   One For Mulgrew
8:56 PM Randy Villars   Open Road
9:04 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Orange Sherbet
9:12 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Out Of Nowhere
9:14 PM Priscilla Woodson   Over The Rainbow
9:19 PM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Over The Rainbow
9:24 PM Joey Sommerville   Overnight Sensation
9:28 PM Eugene Walker   Part And Grease Your Hair
9:35 PM Kate Ross   People Make The World Go Round
9:39 PM Patrol   Piano In The Dark
9:47 PM Dan White Sextet   Pop Goes The Weasel
9:53 PM Gregory Emler   Praise In Your Mouth
9:57 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Praise The Lord

10:00 PM The Twilight Jazz Series

10:02 PM Darchelle Williams   Precious Time
10:09 PM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 116 Our Blessing Cup
10:13 PM Felicia Bond   Smooth Groove
10:17 PM Andy Woodson   Quetico
10:27 PM Buckeye Politicians   Quiero Bailar Contigo-I Want To Dance With You
10:33 PM Niki Hampton   Raptured By Mercy
10:38 PM Felicia Bond   Ready Or Not Here I Come
10:45 PM Eugene Walker   Red Sausage
10:50 PM NuCorp   Remember Me
10:54 PM Dan White Sextet   Ring Around the Rosie
11:05 PM LA Sky   Rise
11:13 PM Dan White Sextet   Rock a bye Baby
11:19 PM Teeny Tucker   Rockhouse
11:25 PM Eugene Walker   Roller Skates
11:28 PM Isaac Simpson & DP   Safe In His Arms
11:34 PM Columbus Jazz Orchestra   Samba Con Carney
11:39 PM Khasmir   Sambattitude
11:44 PM Elizabeth Mis   Sax Appeal
11:47 PM Jared Mahone   She Makes Me
11:54 PM Mojoflo   Sho Would
11:58 PM Suade  Should've, Could've, Would've

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