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Friday, May 25, 2018


12:05 AM Teeny Tucker   Heavy Load
12:08 AM Hank Marr   Sould Eyes
12:15 AM Tim Dvorkin   Grooveland
12:21 AM Jared Mahone   Hometown Girl
12:26 AM Greg Bandy   The Creator
12:33 AM Lawrence Welton   Get At It
12:37 AM Gene Walker   Cookin'
12:40 AM LA Sky   Rise
12:48 AM P. Raney Coalition   Soledad
12:55 AM Dick Mackey   May I
12:57 AM Christian Howes   Laughing Tango
1:02 AM Niki Hampton  Holy Spirit "Praise"
1:09 AM Dr. E   Good Girl Down
1:13 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Peach Cobbler
1:18 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Thinking Of You
1:23 AM J. London   I Can't Sleep
1:27 AM Nancy Wilson   The Two of Us (featuring Ramsey Lewis)
1:33 AM Rusty Bryant   Why Was I Born
1:36 AM Kim Pensyl   That's The Way Of The World
1:42 AM Isaac Simpson & DP   Declaration
1:48 AM Liquid Crystal Project   Charlie Chop´s Gem
1:52 AM Tony Monaco   Serenity
1:54 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Freedom Dance
2:03 AM Paradise Island Band   Maryanne
2:08 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Caravan
2:12 AM Dean Marcellana   McCoy
2:19 AM Conya Doss   Sweet Love (IDon't Know Why)
2:24 AM Mark Flugge   Autumn's Waltz
2:30 AM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Loud-Zee
2:38 AM Sylvester Hillard   Solitude
2:41 AM Darchelle Williams   King Of Kings
2:46 AM Mark Hampton   In The Beginning
2:51 AM Jimmy McGee   Ride
2:55 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   A Handful Of Fives
2:58 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Stompin' At The Savoy
3:03 AM Pete Mills   Straight Up
3:09 AM Anointed Harmony   Just To Know
3:13 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Let's Dance
3:17 AM Tia Harris   Citrus Breeze
3:21 AM Gene Walker   For All We Know
3:25 AM Patrol   May I
3:33 AM Eugene Walker   Love Faith Hope
3:37 AM Hank Marr   Home at Last
3:44 AM P. Raney Coalition   Miles Away
3:53 AM Nichole Davis   Expectancy
3:58 AM Lawrence Welton   Good Loving
4:02 AM Tim Cummiskey   Hank's Riff
4:09 AM J. London   We Doin' What We Do
4:13 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Dreamland
4:17 AM Dan White Sextet   Three Blind Mice
4:21 AM Dominick Farinacci   Soldier's Things
4:27 AM Kim Pensyl   3 Day Weekend
4:31 AM Tony Monaco   You Rock My World
4:37 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Accelerate
4:42 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Remember Not The Former Things
4:46 AM Bobby Floyd   Yesterdays
4:54 AM Gregory Emler   In Spirit And Truth
4:59 AM Simpli Tai   All Heavens Declare
5:04 AM Conya Doss   That's Not Love
5:09 AM Rusty Bryant   Sooty
5:11 AM Whitmore Funk   Dance With You
5:17 AM Teeny Tucker   Tuff Lover
5:20 AM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Body And Soul
5:28 AM FYI Quintet   Little Sunflower
5:40 AM Randy Villars   Every Moment
5:45 AM Vanessa Rubin   Being Green
5:50 AM Christian Howes   All The Things You Are
5:54 AM Billy (Playhouse) Zehnal   Bath Mat
6:02 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Giant Steps
6:06 AM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 90 If Today
6:10 AM Andy Woodson   Cary
6:19 AM NexLevel   Cruisin Down Santa Monica Bay
6:23 AM Sylvester Hillard   Ominous People
6:27 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Battle Hymn Of The Republic
6:32 AM Riley Richard   Between You And I
6:36 AM Joey Sommerville   Red Cups Up
6:39 AM Liberated Soul Project   Baby It's You
6:46 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Which Way Is It Going
6:48 AM Nancy Wilson   I Can't Make You Love Me
6:53 AM Jared Mahone   Mixtape
6:58 AM Jimmy McGee   Inspiration
7:02 AM Priscilla Woodson   Pass Me Not
7:10 AM Buckeye Politicians   I Like It Baby
7:15 AM Tony Monaco   Gramp's Blues
7:19 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   En Mis Sueños
7:25 AM Kim Pensyl   Since You've Been Gone
7:30 AM Randy Mather   What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
7:37 AM Edwin Channels   You Will Live
7:41 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Latter Rain
7:46 AM Conya Doss   Never Be The Same
7:51 AM Rusty Bryant   Ridin´ With Dusty
7:53 AM Pete Mills   Talkin' with the Tubs
7:59 AM Eileen Howard   Home Is You
8:04 AM Safety Squad   Junkyard Jam
8:13 AM Tony Monaco   Goin' To a Meetin'
8:20 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   As Long As I'm Singing
8:22 AM J. London   Don't Be Afraid
8:27 AM Kim Pensyl   3 Day Weekend
8:31 AM Anointed Harmony   Let It Shine
8:35 AM Linda Dachtyl   On A Misty Night
8:42 AM Mojoflo   Sho Would
8:46 AM Rusty Bryant   Looking Through the Eyes of Love
8:52 AM Liberated Soul Project   Human Nature
8:56 AM Inner City Blues Band   You Gotta Go
9:00 AM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 90 If Today
9:05 AM Dick Mackey   Kathleen's Waltz
9:07 AM Jazz Ethics   Afraid
9:13 AM Dan White Sextet   Ring Around the Rosie
9:19 AM Buckeye Politicians   Baby Blue
9:23 AM Vanessa Rubin   Inside A Silent Tear
9:30 AM Pete Mills   April Tune
9:35 AM Sylvester Hillard   Small Wonders
9:39 AM Mike Harris   Slow Baby
9:46 AM Jimmy McGee   Talk To Me
9:50 AM Matt Adams   Theme For Ernie
9:53 AM Four Mints   They Were Wrong
9:59 AM Carl Sally   Ain't No Sunshine
10:04 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Low Down
10:09 AM Aaron Diehl   Generation Y
10:17 AM Dominick Farinnaci   Lover Man
10:22 AM Steve Smith, Tony Monaco & Vinny Valentino  Indonesian Nights
10:27 AM Hank Marr   Home at Last
10:35 AM Eugene Walker   Part And Grease Your Hair
10:40 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Dream
10:44 AM Mark Hampton   All Things
10:49 AM Gene Walker   Everybodys 'Somebodys' Fool
10:53 AM Marcy Vaughn Forte   It's All About Love
10:57 AM Lawrence Preston   Making Alterations
11:03 AM D. Brown   Stand Up
11:07 AM J. London   It's Summertime (Radio Edit)
11:12 AM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   A Word From You
11:18 AM Tony Monaco   Ode to Brother Jack
11:22 AM Randy Mather   The Shadow Of Your Smile
11:31 AM Rusty Bryant   Little Hawk´s Walk
11:34 AM Darchelle Williams   Columbus Ohio
11:37 AM Jazz Ethics   What's The Scuttlebutt? (Reprise)
11:41 AM P. Raney Coalition   Chameleon
11:49 AM Tim Dvorkin   Gforce
11:58 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Swing's The Thing
12:04 PM Broadstreet Lineup   The Chicken
12:12 PM Niki Hampton   Raptured By Mercy
12:17 PM NuCorp   Mississippi Woman
12:22 PM Jimmy McGee   Luv On
12:26 PM Sylvester Hillard   Nina
12:31 PM Isaac Simpson & DP   Safe In His Arms
12:37 PM LA Sky   Cantaloupe Island
12:43 PM Christian Howes  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
12:46 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   The Lady Is A Tramp
12:49 PM Dominick Farinnaci   You Don't Know What Love Is
12:57 PM Patrol   Piano In The Dark
1:04 PM Dan White Sextet   Pop Goes The Weasel
1:08 PM Teeny Tucker   Rockhouse
1:11 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Luquillo Beach
1:16 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Turn Out The Stars
1:23 PM Hank Marr   B Jam Shuffle
1:29 PM Mark Hampton   Alpha & Omega
1:33 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Beautiful Friendship
1:36 PM Mark Flugge   A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
1:41 PM Metalbaby   Three Little Birds (featuring Happy Chichester)
1:44 PM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan  Mac Flava, Pt 3
1:49 PM Linda Dachtyl   Bucket Full Of Soul
1:54 PM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 40 Lord Come To Me
2:00 PM Lawrence Welton   Someday
2:06 PM Pete Mills   Eddie
2:12 PM Dwight Lenox   All The Things You Are
2:15 PM Steve Smith, Tony Monaco & Vinny Valentino  That's All
2:21 PM Simpli Tai   He Looked Beyond My Faults
2:30 PM D. Brown   You
2:33 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Celebracion
2:39 PM Kim Pensyl   A New Morning
2:46 PM Gene Walker   February 14th
2:51 PM Rusty Bryant   A Night In Tunisia
2:58 PM Jimmy McGee   Never Enuff
3:00 PM Duane Tribune   Float Away
3:07 PM Nancy Wilson   Hello Like Before
3:11 PM Buckeye Politicians   I Trust In You
3:15 PM DJ Matavi   Calming Touch
3:25 PM Marcy Vaughn Forte   Together
3:30 PM Sylvester Hillard   Vida No Brasil
3:34 PM Eileen Howard   Home Is You
3:40 PM Suade  Should've, Could've, Would've
3:42 PM Mike Harris   Let's Get It On
3:48 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Out Of Nowhere
3:51 PM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Estate
3:59 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Saquaro Sunset
4:06 PM J. London   She's Lonely
4:12 PM Four Mints   In A Rut
4:15 PM Christian Howes   Walkin' Up
4:22 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Little Girl Blue
4:27 PM Isaac Simpson & DP   The Process
4:32 PM Linda Dachtyl   Les Chats Bleus
4:36 PM Teeny Tucker   Tuff Lover
4:39 PM Liberated Soul Project   Starship
4:48 PM Tim Cummiskey   Yes Or No
4:54 PM Sabrina Tutstone   The Look of Love
5:01 PM Tony Monaco   Mozzarella
5:08 PM Meilana Gillard   A Spirit Remembered
5:14 PM Niki Hampton  Holy Spirit "Worship"
5:21 PM Erin McDougald  Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out_He Was A Good Man
5:25 PM Kim Pensyl   Casino Square
5:29 PM Simpli Tai   I Don't Mind Waiting
5:36 PM Rusty Bryant   Mr. Wonderful
5:40 PM Darchelle Williams   Precious Time
5:44 PM Nathan T. Duncan   As Soon As We've Begun
5:48 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Moving Forward
5:54 PM Felicia Bond   I-70 West
5:57 PM Gene Walker   Mike Coleman Blues
6:01 PM Linda Dachtyl (LDB3 And Friends)   All About My Girl
6:06 PM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 116 Our Blessing Cup
6:11 PM Dick Mackey   You're A Heavenly Thing
6:13 PM Buckeye Politicians   Quiero Bailar Contigo - I Want To Dance With You
6:19 PM Pete Mills   Fossil
6:24 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Praise The Lord
6:28 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   It Must Be Thursday
6:31 PM Dan White Sextet   Rock a bye Baby
6:38 PM Mojoflo   Mojo Strut
6:44 PM Matt Adams   Blue Moon
6:49 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Someone To Watch Over Me
6:53 PM LA Sky   Little Sunflower
7:11 PM The Jazz Gallery Project   All Blues
7:17 PM Tim Dvorkin   2 Moons
7:24 PM Patrol   Club Jazz
7:30 PM Nancy Wilson   Forbidden Lover (featuring Carl Anderson)
7:35 PM Mark Flugge  Music, Music Everywhere
7:42 PM Sylvester Hillard   Fiddlstyx
7:45 PM Randy Villars   Open Road
7:51 PM Vanessa Rubin   Siempre Junto A Ti
7:56 PM Mike Harris   Everything Is Ok
8:01 PM Tony Monaco   Mellow Mood
8:13 PM Eileen Howard   But Beautiful
8:18 PM Various Columbus Artists   Caldonia
8:23 PM Lawrence Preston   Driving Me Away (Reprise)
8:28 PM Tia Harris   Not My Cup Of T
8:33 PM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Loud-Zee
8:39 PM Eugene Walker   Red Sausage
8:44 PM Riley Richard   Between You And I
8:48 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Be With Me Tonight
8:54 PM Aaron Diehl   Moonlight in Vermont
9:02 PM Darchelle Williams   Do You Know
9:07 PM Kim Pensyl   In Need Of Your Love
9:12 PM Christian Howes   Bye Bye Blackbird
9:22 PM Buckeye Politicians   Sha La La
9:28 PM Elizabeth Mis   Slow Burn
9:32 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Beer Barrel Polka
9:35 PM Niki Hampton   Great Is Thy Faithfulness
9:42 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Let Your Will
9:46 PM Michael Feinstein  For You, For Me, Forever More
9:53 PM Kim Pensyl   Linda
9:57 PM Gregory Emler   I Will Extol You
10:00 PM Dwight Lenox   Lift Him Up
10:05 PM Sylvester Hillard   Fiddlstyx
10:10 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Evil Eyes
10:16 PM Lawrence Welton   Autumn Love
10:22 PM Jimmy McGee   Found You
10:26 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   I Won't Dance
10:31 PM Buckeye Politicians   If It Takes All Night
10:36 PM Mark Hampton   In The Beginning
10:40 PM Suade   I Love You
10:44 PM Rusty Bryant   Hot Fudge
10:48 PM Bryan Olsheski   102 Degrees
10:58 PM Four Mints   Too Far Gone
11:00 PM Eugene Walker   Present Day Job
11:06 PM Mike Harris   Happy Anniversary
11:13 PM Priscilla Woodson   Pass Me Not
11:21 PM Hank Marr   B Jam Shuffle
11:27 PM Tim Cummiskey   Sail Away
11:32 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Accelerate
11:39 PM Felicia Bond   Ease Your Mind
11:44 PM Nancy Wilson   A Lady With a Song
11:48 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Latter Rain
11:54 PM Gussie Miller   Forever Plan (For Alexandria)

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