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(Almost 25% of our daily playlist is the music of our own Homegrown musicians)

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Friday, June 8, 2018

All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast


12:00 AM Midnight Rendezvous  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

12:00 AM Tony Monaco   Stormy Monday
12:08 AM Dick Mackey   Pretty Girl
12:11 AM Nathan T. Duncan   Palm Harbor
12:17 AM Gene Walker   They Say It's Wonderful
12:21 AM Dwight Lenox   Just The Two Of Us
12:26 AM Dan White Sextet   Rock a bye Baby
12:34 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   As Long As I'm Singing
12:37 AM Conya Doss   Feelin' You
12:40 AM Linda Dachtyl   One Mint Julep
12:48 AM Mark Hampton   Relax Your Mind
12:52 AM Rusty Bryant   The Deacon
12:55 AM Felicia Bond   Ease Your Mind
1:02 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   You'd Be So Very Nice To Come Too
1:05 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Love For Sale
1:10 AM Randy Mather   The Shadow Of Your Smile
1:20 AM Meilana Gillard   Then Came The Sun
1:27 AM Christian Howes   Walkin' Up
1:35 AM Mark Flugge   Sleigh Ride In July
1:42 AM Mike Harris   You Wanna Ride
1:47 AM Nancy Wilson   Love Won't Let Me Wait
1:51 AM Tim Dvorkin   2 Moons
2:00 AM Vanessa Rubin   Inside A Silent Tear
2:05 AM Marcy Vaughn Forte   Hold On
2:10 AM Riley Richard   Hit The Floor
2:14 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Before I Let Go
2:19 AM Nichole Davis   Fall Down
2:23 AM LA Sky   Europa
2:31 AM Jimmy McGee   I Don't Play
2:35 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   The Song Is You
2:37 AM NexLevel   Traveling Home
2:43 AM NuCorp   Is It The Way
2:49 AM Joey Sommerville   Red Cups Up
2:53 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   That Song (This Love)

3:00 AM The Classic and Smoothly Brewed Blend  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

3:00 AM Hank Marr   Never Let Me Go
3:04 AM Tony Monaco   Take the Coltrane
3:11 AM Pete Mills   Fossil
3:19 AM Sylvester Hillard   Mama Mi Amore
3:23 AM Aaron Diehl   The Cylinder
3:28 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Yes I Can
3:35 AM J. London   Why Must We Be Alone
3:41 AM Lawrence Preston   Stood Up
3:44 AM Dwight Lenox   Lovely Day
3:52 AM Dick Mackey   It's Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight
3:56 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   The Creole Love Call
4:00 AM Tim Dvorkin Trio   Some Like It Hot
4:09 AM Vince Andrews   Get Here
4:14 AM Eugene Walker   Pearlin Like Roller Skates
4:18 AM Dan White Sextet   Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
4:26 AM Buckeye Politicians   Baby Blue
4:30 AM Rusty Bryant   The Red-Eye Special
4:37 AM Tim Cummiskey and Jack Wilkins   Body And Soul
4:46 AM Kim Pensyl   Memories For Tomorrow
4:50 AM Patrol   Dancing In The Sun
4:56 AM Danny Aguiar   My Brain
5:01 AM Mark Hampton   Talk To Me
5:06 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   San Juan Nights
5:10 AM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 65 The Seed
5:16 AM Steve Smith, Tony Monaco & Vinny Valentino  I Remember Jimmy
5:20 AM Gussie Miller   Leave
5:25 AM Teeny Tucker   Unlucky Girl
5:30 AM Linda Dachtyl   Bucket Full Of Soul
5:34 AM Gene Walker   Cookin'
5:38 AM Elizabeth Mis   Mis Behavin'
5:43 AM Christian Howes   Sunny I
5:45 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Over The Rainbow
5:49 AM Andy Woodson   Quetico
6:01 AM Darchelle Williams   Father Won't You Save Us
6:06 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   So Many Stars
6:11 AM Bobby Floyd   Autumn Leaves (Live)
6:25 AM Tony Monaco   Boogie Blue
6:33 AM Liquid Crystal Project   Capricorn´s Reprise
6:36 AM Mike Harris   Let's Get It On
6:44 AM Eileen Howard   Take His Hand
6:47 AM Dwight Lenox   Still Her Little Child
6:52 AM Tim Cummiskey   This I Dig Of You

7:00 AM The Morning Brew  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

7:00 AM Sylvester Hillard   The Nightowl
7:03 AM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan  Mac Flava, Pt 3
7:08 AM Gregory Emler   Crown Of Life
7:15 AM Kate Ross   Mid Winter Dream
7:19 AM Inner City Blues Band   Me and You
7:25 AM Pete Mills   A Flower is a Lovesome Thing
7:29 AM Conya Doss   Call Me
7:33 AM Kim Pensyl   I Can Hear You Dreaming
7:36 AM Hank Marr   Sould Eyes
7:44 AM Rahsaan Roland Kirk   Fingers In The Wind
7:48 AM Rusty Bryant   Hanka Boo
7:50 AM NuCorp   Mississippi Girl
7:56 AM Lawrence Welton   Someday
8:00 AM Copacetic   Secret Place
8:06 AM D. Brown   You Are Good
8:12 AM Isaac Simpson & DP   Already Made A Way
8:17 AM Mark Flugge   Autumn's Waltz
8:23 AM Cyndi Black Big Band   Out Of Nowhere
8:28 AM Eugene Walker   Love Faith Hope
8:32 AM Mojoflo   Waiting
8:36 AM Gussie Miller   Sing To Me (Feat. Rick Keller)
8:41 AM Danny Aguiar   Entre Amigos
8:47 AM Kwame Prince Kese   Remember Not The Former Things
8:52 AM Fo/Mo/Deep   Expansions (Vocal)
9:00 AM Urban Jazz Coalition   Be With Me Tonight
9:06 AM Jas Miller   Jello Coconuts
9:11 AM Buckeye Politicians   If It Takes All Night
9:18 AM Swing's The Thing Big Band   Swing's The Thing
9:22 AM Anna Haught   At Last
9:24 AM Rick Brunetto Big Band   Once In A Lifetime
9:30 AM Tony Monaco   Backward shack
9:36 AM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 116 Our Blessing Cup
9:40 AM DJ Matavi   Calming Touch
9:51 AM Carl Sally   It's A Good Life
9:55 AM Liberated Soul Project   Tell Me Something Good

10:00 AM The Morning Brew - Special Roast Edition  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

10:00 AM Gregory Emler   Praise In Your Mouth
10:05 AM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   The Party's Over
10:09 AM Eileen Howard   Understanding
10:14 AM J. London   Don't Talk To Me Like That
10:20 AM Pete Mills   Seven Shades of Blue
10:27 AM Khasmir   Let It Flow
10:30 AM Sylvester Hillard   Phone Me
10:34 AM Full Count Band   So Far Away
10:38 AM Rusty Bryant   Foot Stompin
10:41 AM Bobby Floyd   The Nearness Of You
10:48 AM Kim Pensyl   I'll Wait For You
10:54 AM Vanessa Rubin   The Summer Knows
11:00 AM Dwight Lenox   Lush Life
11:04 AM Elizabeth Mis   Slow Burn
11:11 AM Jimmy McGee   U Know U Wrong
11:14 AM Conya Doss   Sweet Love (IDon't Know Why)
11:21 AM Randy Villars   Open Road
11:26 AM Mojoflo   Hypnotize
11:30 AM Broadstreet Lineup   The Chicken
11:40 AM Lawrence Welton   Autumn Love
11:45 AM Bill Moss   Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother (Instrumental)
11:47 AM Isaac Simpson & DP   Hide In Me
11:54 AM Various Columbus Artists   Caldonia

12:00 PM Sax's Mid Afternoon Music Showcase  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

12:02 PM Gene Walker   Last Night In Manhattan
12:08 PM Nancy Wilson   Wish You Were Here (duet with James Ingram)
12:12 PM Meilana Gillard   Day One
12:20 PM Christian Howes   Ode To Sco'
12:26 PM Marcy Vaughn Forte   I Don't Wanna Waste My Time
12:29 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   Mitch Betta' Have My Bunny (Live)
12:39 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Brazil
12:41 PM Dan White Sextet   Camptown Races
12:47 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Rising Again
12:53 PM Hank Marr   It's 'bout Time
1:00 PM Felicia Bond   Ready Or Not Here I Come
1:05 PM Eugene Walker   UBONDAMIND
1:10 PM Tim Cummiskey   Come Rain Or Come Shine
1:17 PM InnerVision  Stand Tall, America
1:21 PM Jazz Ethics   Afraid
1:28 PM Sylvester Hillard   Vida No Brasil
1:31 PM Eileen Howard   Make Me Over
1:35 PM Jerry 'Mac Flava' McMahan   Mac Moment
1:44 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Rub-A-Dub
1:48 PM Mike Harris   Where's Your Whistle
1:54 PM Aaron Diehl   Moonlight in Vermont
2:02 PM Vanessa Rubin   Everytime We Say Good Bye
2:05 PM Patrol   Brand New Vision
2:10 PM Inner City Blues Band   Easy Recipe
2:15 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   You'd Be So Easy To Love
2:18 PM Tony Monaco   Just Give Thanks and Praise (Instrumental)
2:23 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Springsville
2:30 PM Louise Salvador   Knocks Me Off My Feet
2:34 PM Rusty Bryant   Susie
2:36 PM Kim Pensyl   Little Willy C.
2:42 PM D. Brown   You
2:45 PM Lawrence Winkfield   Angel Eyes
2:49 PM Michael Cox   All Ways

3:00 PM Commuter Jazz  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

3:00 PM Teeny Tucker   I'm A Woman
3:02 PM Dominick Farinnaci   Midnight Embrace
3:10 PM Priscilla Woodson   I Shall Wear A Crown
3:17 PM Christian Howes   Opus Half
3:22 PM Niki Hampton  Holy Spirit "Worship"
3:30 PM Brother Reggie   Every Little Bit Hurts
3:36 PM Dan White Sextet   Home On The Range
3:40 PM Richard Lopez Trio   Stella By Starlight
3:50 PM Lawrence Preston   Driving Me Away (Reprise)
3:53 PM Nancy Wilson   Your Arms Of Love
3:57 PM Metalbaby   Three Little Birds (featuring Happy Chichester)
4:02 PM The Jazz Gallery Project   Cute
4:06 PM NexLevel   Catch 22
4:12 PM Mark Flugge   February Promise
4:20 PM Darchelle Williams   Precious Time
4:24 PM Randy Mather   Laura
4:32 PM Pete Mills   Pumpkin Shoes
4:39 PM Mojoflo   Sho Would
4:42 PM Anointed Harmony   Rain
4:47 PM Nathan T. Duncan   Wherever You Are
4:56 PM Felicia Bond   Soul Delight
5:01 PM Eileen Howard   Sunday In New York
5:04 PM Bobby Floyd   Watermelon Man
5:13 PM Gussie Miller   One And Only (Feat. Rick Keller)
5:17 PM Tony Monaco   Unresolved
5:21 PM Rusty Bryant   Back Street
5:25 PM Four Mints   They Were Wrong
5:30 PM Duane Tribune   Kingdom Rd.
5:35 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Walkin' Shoes
5:40 PM Sylvester Hillard   Tell Her I Was There
5:44 PM Erin McDougald  Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out_He Was A Good Man
5:49 PM Fo/Mo/Deep   The Road
5:54 PM Conya Doss   I Could Be The One
5:57 PM Linda Dachtyl (LDB3 And Friends)   All About My Girl

6:00 PM The Evening Roast  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

6:00 PM Urban Jazz Coalition   Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
6:05 PM Kwame Prince Kese   My Everything
6:14 PM P. Raney Coalition   Chameleon
6:21 PM NuCorp   Groupie Love
6:25 PM Andy Woodson   Happy People
6:32 PM Rick Brunetto Big Band   I'll Be Seeing You
6:35 PM Inner City Blues Band   Take Off Your Shoes
6:46 PM Kim Pensyl   Casino Square
6:50 PM Vanessa Rubin   Being Green
6:55 PM Darchelle Williams   Dreams To Remember
7:00 PM Hank Marr   Rhythmesque
7:07 PM Tim Cummiskey Trio   Estate'
7:12 PM Dominick Farinnaci   Dom's Blues
7:19 PM Mike Harris   It's Time For Love
7:24 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Testimony
7:29 PM Priscilla Woodson   Good Morning Heartache
7:32 PM Cyndi Black Big Band   Ja Da
7:36 PM Carl Sally   Glad To Be Unhappy
7:41 PM Niki Hampton   Love Lifted Me
7:50 PM Dwight Lenox   Great Is Thy Faithfulness
7:56 PM Vernon Hairston   Psalm 90 If Today

8:00 PM The Sunset Jazz Series  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

8:00 PM Tim Dvorkin   Gforce
8:12 PM J. London   She's Lonely
8:17 PM DJ Matavi   Evolve
8:24 PM Nichole Davis   Picture This
8:30 PM Dean Marcellana   A Prayer For Mary Lou
8:35 PM Nancy Wilson   Forbidden Lover (featuring Carl Anderson)
8:40 PM Rusty Bryant   Rusty Rides Again
8:48 PM Eugene Walker   Present Day Job
8:53 PM Sylvester Hillard   Song For My Dad
8:57 PM Gene Walker   For All We Know
9:00 PM LA Sky   Little Sunflower
9:19 PM Tony Monaco   Ya Bay BEE
9:23 PM Eileen Howard   In Tune
9:28 PM Bryan Olsheski   Tommorow's  Gospel
9:35 PM Mojoflo   Mojo Strut
9:41 PM Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra   Souse Of The Border
9:47 PM Jas Miller   Steppin (Radio Edit)
9:51 PM Gussie Miller   Forever Plan (For Alexandria)
9:56 PM Mark Flugge   The Letter

10:00 PM The Twilight Jazz Series  All Day 24 Hour Homegrown Music Broadcast

10:02 PM Kim Pensyl   Morning Isle
10:08 PM Jimmy McGee   Ain't No Love
10:11 PM Teeny Tucker   Love Spell
10:19 PM Conya Doss   Find A Way
10:22 PM Vanessa Rubin   Its Probably Me
10:27 PM Tony Cobb & Friends Fellowship   Let Everything That Hath Breath
10:29 PM Mark Hampton   Parables
10:35 PM Kwame Prince Kese   Rainy Day
10:39 PM Christian Howes  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
10:41 PM Felicia Bond   In My Mind
10:47 PM Nathan T. Duncan   On The Boulevard
10:51 PM Tim Cummiskey   Inner Urge
10:57 PM Darchelle Williams   Still The One
11:00 PM Tim Dvorkin   Without You
11:05 PM D. Brown   You Are So Awesome
11:12 PM Simpli Tai   Lord I Thirst For You
11:18 PM Adria Shahid   Everywhere You Go
11:22 PM Al Frierson & The C~Town Allstars   Soul Rockin
11:27 PM Bits and Pieces   Winelight
11:32 PM Danny Aguiar   Pro Mancha EM7
11:38 PM Tia Harris   Chicago
11:46 PM NexLevel   Thursday
11:51 PM Sabrina Tutstone   The Look of Love
11:56 PM Michael Cox  Three, Four Times

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