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Homegrown Musician's

Keep Jazz Alive

A C Collins

Aaron Diehl

Aaron Scott

Adria Shahid

Andy Woodson

Bobby Floyd

Byron Stripling

Brian Peters

Carl Sally

Dr. Cary Dachtyl

Christian Howes

Clave Sonic

Columbus Jazz Orchestra

Columbus Youth JO

Columbus Fusion Band


Cyndi Black

Dan White

Daniel Zwelling

Dave Dewitt

Dave Powers

David Wells

Debra James Tucker

Derek DiCenzo

Dick Mackey

Dr. E

Dwight Bailey

Dwight Lenox

Ed Clay

Eddie Bayard

Elizabeth Mis

Erik Augis


Gene Walker

Hank Marr


Issac Simpson

Jazz Gallery Project

Jeanette Williams

Jerry McMahan

Jim Masters

Jimmy McGee

Katanya Ingram

Kate Ross

Keith Newton

Kelani Blackwell

Kellie Crum-Delavaris

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Our Homegrown

A separate stream dedicated to only the music of our Homegrown
musicians. From Classic to Smooth Jazz, Gospel, Blues, R&B and
everything in between, discover and enjoy the music of our own
Homegrown, farm fed and raised local and regional musicians 24
hours each and every day.

This is another superbly brewed blend of great music for more
discriminating and appreciative listeners that follow and support the
artistry of the talent found in and around Central Ohio.

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9 Separate Streams to Choose From.
Pick Your Favorite Jazz Brew To Listen To.

Available 24 Hours Each Day

Special Homegrown Music
24 Hour All Day Broadcast
Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Columbus Jazz Orchestra

Cyndi Black Big Band

Deuce n a Quarter

Hoo Doo Soul Band

New Basics Brass Band

Rick Brunetto Big Band

Swings The Thing Big Band

Vaughn Wiester Famous Jazz Orchestra


The 2019 Jazz At The Amp
Concert Series

The 2019 Jazz Brew Fundraising
Concert Series

Kim Pensyl

Ken Weaver


Lady Nikki

Lawrence Winkfield

Liberated Soul Project

Linda Dachtyl

Louis Tsamous

Luxury Brown

Mary McClendon

Meilana Gillard

Melvin Stewart

Dr. Michael Cox

Michael Feinstein


Nancy Wilson


Nichole Davis

Noe Salsa Project


Pete Mills

Priscilla Woodson

Raahsan Roland Kirk

Randy Mather

Ray Fuller

Reggie Jackson

Richard Lopez

Rusty Bryant

Sabrina Tutstone

Sarah Morrow

Sax Johnson

Sean Carney

Shawn Thunder Wallace


Teeny Tucker

Terry Davidson & The Gears

Tia Harris-Roseboro

Tim Cummiskey

Tim Dvorkin

Tim Houpe

Tom Carroll

Tony Haygood

Tony Monaco

Urban Jazz Coalition

Vaughn Wiester

Vernon Hairston

Vicki Thompson Saunders

Wes Orr

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During broadcast,
almost 25% or more
of our daily playlist is the music of our own
homegrown musicians!

What other radio station in Columbus can say that?

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During our broadcast, almost 25% or more

of our daily playlist is the music of our own homegrown musicians!
What other radio station in Columbus can say that?

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