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Looking For Internet, Cable
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When you install WOW service via
our website,
WOW makes a
contribution to SEMM Foundation's

Jazz 98.5 FM radio station.

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email to WOW letting them know you're interested in installing their service and support your Jazz station,
Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX


We're Asking Each Of Our Listeners
To Consider Making A $20 Donation
  To Help Us Reach Our
$30,000 Equipment Purchase Goal

We were successful in obtaining our FCC license.  Now, if 1,500 listeners donated $20 each, we'll reach our fundraising goal to complete the construction.
(You're welcome to give more or less)

Help Keep Jazz Alive On The Radio

You can optionally send your donation in the form
of a Check or Money Order payable to:

SEMM Foundation
P.O. Box 13682
Columbus, Ohio 43213

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What Does Supporting Jazz 98.5 FM Mean?

We realize that we must earn your support and respect.  Our pledge and commitment to you is to provide the finest
quality broadcast that exemplifies the truest representation of the the jazz music genre, as well as to provide
pertinent educational and other content that merits your consideration in supporting this station.

Supporting Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP can be done in many ways.  Listening to our broadcast regularly is one way to
show support.  Other ways of supporting us can be anything from donating goods and services to our organization to
underwriting with us, providing monetary donations, sponsoring individual programs or volunteering to provide time,
expertise and experience in the operations of the station.

As a non-commercial radio station, one of the ways Jazz 98.5 FM funds its programming and general operations is
through donations in support of the arts and underwriting support from individuals, local businesses, foundations and

Jazz and community related news, information and educational content are important to keeping the community
vibrant, diversified and informed.  In the best of times and even in the worse, we reach out to individuals, corporations,
foundations and others to ensure that we have an operating and support budget that will sustain our broadcast ability
and enhance the lives of the citizens of our city.  Help us do so by volunteering, underwriting, donating and making the contribution of your choice to our station. 

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Central Ohio's best choice for news and information,
wrapped up and surrounded by the best jazz in town.

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