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Underwriting Facts

We have established a set of guidelines to ensure that our underwriting sponsorship announcements are in compliance
with FCC rules, and with the standards of the non-commercial broadcasting industry.

concept of crafting your business image by supporting local, grassroots, community oriented and independent media
such as WSAX-LP.  Available statistics and studies from communities that  have similar stations as WSAX-LP show that
listeners appreciate doing business with those that support and help stations like WSAX-LP provide non-commercial,
community-based radio to their communities.

Underwriting our programming directly associates a business with a desire to improve the quality of life in their community
and gives a voice to those who live and work in the community.

An underwriter’s affiliation with WSAX-LP’s emerging and increasingly important position in the local media landscape will
help to further create and maintain our mission as a significant player in supporting our listeners, student, musicians,
venues and community.as a whole.

By definition, program underwriting is a financial contribution made in support of specific programming.  When providing
on-air funding acknowledgments, FCC regulations require that stations like WSAX-LP limit such announcements to
identification purposes only.  They cannot be “promotional,” but they are still effective.

Our underwriting and sponsorship announcements are very effective and an excellent cost effective way for a customer to
show their support for the local community, as well as getting their message out.  Below are some key points:

1.    An underwriter will be identified by mention of its legal or recognized name.


2.   Underwriting announcements must be factual, value-neutral, and consistent with the tone and content  
      of non-commercial programming.


3.   The standard length of time allotted to an underwriting announcement is 15 to 30 seconds.  60 seconds
      is also available.


4.    Underwriting announcements may include:

  •  A description of products and services including brand names, but cannot contain adjectives such as “best”,
     for example.
  •  Location of underwriter, products and services.
  •  A description of key or target markets.
  •  Longstanding slogans that identify the underwriter's business.
  •  Holiday greetings or the celebration of a special occasion.
  •  A telephone number, location or web site address.

5.    Underwriting announcements may not include:

  •  A call to action.
  •  Qualitative or comparative statements.
  •  Adjacencies or references to the location of one business to another business.
  •  Advocacy, ambiguous or misleading statements.
  •  Pricing information, discounts or incentives.


6.    WSAX-LP will not accept underwriting which supports or opposes any candidate for political office.


7.    Each underwriting contract including proposed underwriting announcement language must be 
      submitted to the Underwriting Director for review and approval in advance of airing.  Underwriting
      contracts must be resubmitted for review at the time of renewal.  Payment for all underwriting
      announcements are payable in advance of airing.


8.   WSAX-LP reserves the right to refuse underwriting that may present a conflict of interest or
      the perception of  a conflict of interest with program content.



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