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Is Jazz a Lifestyle Choice?

Is jazz a lifestyle choice? Who or what kind of person enjoys jazz most? Does the word jazz conjure up an image of a certain type of individual - an educational, economic or stereotypical picture of a certain type of listener? Are jazz fans old or young, rich or poor? Does the picture of a beatnik wearing a goatee, beret, dark sunglasses, sitting in a chair in a dimly lit, smoke-filled room or club, snapping his fingers, saying "Cool man, cool", come to mind, or more?At Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP, we play various styles of jazz. Jazz has evolved into over two dozen (24) styles or subgenres. We hope we have a style brewed to your liking.

We confess that it's possible that we may not always play the style you enjoy but we believe you'll find your special jazz brew played sometime during our broadcast hours. It may also be possible that we don't play all jazz types or styles regularly as some are not as popular and as widely accepted or appreciated by the general populace/listening audience. We don't ignore them either and play them along with our host providing an explanation and description to help our listeners understand and learn to appreciate them.

If there's a style we've failed to play regularly, write to us Here and request your special brew.

To see whether we play your favorite jazz brew, to help you pick a style you might like or to introduce you to other styles, we've outlined the various styles below. If you're not familiar with any specific style and wish to know more about jazz in general or to better understand the different styles played on our station, please select from the table below for more information about the style and the artists most associated with a specific style or period in which the jazz style became popular.

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