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Sponsor A Jazz 98.5 FM Show

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Why Sponsor, Underwrite, Donate or Support Jazz 98.5 FM Radio?

Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP, is a low-power FM radio station licensed to serve Columbus, Ohio, USA. Jazz 98.5 WSAX-LP is a volunteer, non-commercial radio station owned by SEMM Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Sponsoring or underwriting shows on Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP is an excellent and cost effective way to reach your audience. (Refer to the Rate Chart Above). By sponsoring, underwriting or donating to Jazz 98.5 FM, you can craft your business’ image by supporting local, grassroots, independent media.

Our listeners will appreciate that your support helps WSAX-LP provide non-commercial radio programming to the Columbus area. Sponsoring or underwriting our programming will also directly associate your business with a desire to support the arts, help improve the quality of life in the community and to give a voice to those who call Central Ohio home.

Sponsoring or Underwriting on Jazz 98.5 FM helps identify you and your business and puts you, your product or service in a unique position by clearly separating you or your company from the mass of advertisers on commercial stations.

Jazz 98.5 FM, WSAX-LP's jazz music programming is already garnering significant attention in the media and amongst the public. If you are a business, your affiliation with WSAX-LP’s emerging and increasingly important position in the local media landscape will help maintain your brand as a contemporary and committed local business.

Help us keep great Local Content and Jazz Music Programming on the air in Central Ohio.

Please make a donation/contribution.

An important contribution to quality radio is made by foundations, corporations and individuals who provide funds to underwrite the presentation of a program or series of programs broadcast on Jazz 98.5 WSAX-LP.

As a non-commercial radio station, one of the ways WSAX-LP funds its programming and general operations is through underwriting support from individuals, local businesses, foundations and corporations.

By definition, program underwriting is a financial contribution made in support of specific programming. When providing on-air funding acknowledgments, FCC regulations require that stations like WSAX-LP limit such announcements to identification purposes only. They cannot be “promotional,” but they are still very effective.

When treated as either a charitable contribution or as a business expense, underwriting is tax deductible, so you get more than a good feeling. You make the most cost-effective use of your discretionary advertising dollar.

The Jazz 98.5 FM Audience

We believe our listening audience to be an educated, sophisticated and high earning audience available to marketers. Reaching thousands of listeners weekly, Jazz 98.5 FM can deliver your message to an audience of appealing demographic stature.

The Benefits of Underwriting

An underwriting relationship with Jazz 98.5 FM, with its long-standing reputation for social responsibility, identifies you or your company as a civic and community-minded organization with an interest in the public that goes beyond simply offering a product or service.

We Can Help You, Your Business or Organization

For more in-depth information about supporting Jazz 98.5 FM radio while marketing your business, don't hesitate to RESERVE YOUR UNDERWRITING SPOT or SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY IMMEDIATELY by Emailing us here.

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