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One of Our Favorite Comments

" First there was WOSU with Jazz programs here and there that I’d listen to. Then there was a rock station

that featured Mike Island and Jazz fusion for 2 hours on Sunday morning. Along came the King, WBBY

104 fm. Jazz that went to all of the corners of Jazz music. It was fabulous, while it lasted.

Then we had the Smooth-Jazz twins. Nice, but a little too much Smooth and not enough other Jazz. It disappeared. Now a breath of fresh air has entered our fair city …. WSAX-LP, I am grateful to be able to

breathe fresh air once again. It is very difficult to believe that a metro city the size of Columbus, cannot hang onto a Jazz station. One with varying types of Jazz from all corners of the musical spectrum of Jazz.

God Bless you folks at WSAX-LP, for you help me keep the groove in my groovin’ day!!!! "

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