Ted Murdaugh

Ted Murdaugh

(The Gospel Jazz Messenger)

“Jazz For The Soul”, with your host Ted Murdaugh, is a show

that provides you with a generous helping of a warm Sunday morning message of respect, and offers a calming, yet uplifting selection of gospel inspired jazz.

Jazz For The Soul provides you with a blend of today's and yesterday's Gospel jazz including the music of our own

Homegrown musicians.

The music of gospel jazz has been referred to as an emerging format, bringing elements of gospel, R&B, jazz, smooth jazz and praise and worship music to create a contemporary sound that

is inspirational, passionate and musically complex. Passion from the artist’s heart, passion in musical expression, and passion for God.

Ted Murdaugh (The Jazz Messenger)"Jazz For The Soul"

Sundays 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Meet Your Jazz For The Soul Host - Ted Murdaugh

Ted, "The Gospel Jazz Messenger" is a man of faith who loves

jazz. He is also an entrepreneur and former Corporate Executive

who now, is the CFO at First Church of God in Columbus.

He had a direct encounter with music as a second grader by

taking trumpet lessons at school. He fell so much in love with the

horn that he practiced an average of eight hours a day and by the

time he was in the fourth grade he found himself in the high school marching band.

However, in 1966 a greater call came in the deep south to uphold the 1954 Supreme Court

Decision and he along with ten or so others integrated the public schools of Hampton County

South Carolina. This is where his playing ended due to not being able to purchase a horn (that

were provided free of charge in the former segregated school). But his love of the music

continued to grow and remains strong today as a self proclaimed jazz historian and supporter. Therefore being able to host a Gospel Jazz Show is like having your cake and eating it too.

Listen in on Sundays from 9 am to 11am as "The Jazz Messenger" delivers "Jazz For The Soul"with a great blend of inspirational gospel jazz music.