Reasons To Listen

Reasons To Listen To

Jazz 98.5 FM WSAX-LP

Jazz 98.5 FM Versus Cable/Satellite Radio

Listeners have many choices today when it comes to finding and listening to good jazz music programming.Do you know the difference between local jazz radio and cable or satellite radio?

Did you know that listening to the Jazz 98 webstream and over-the-air broadcast

can be more rewarding, pleasurable, community-minded, informative,educational

and less expensive than listening to a cable or satellite broadcast?

Listeners can tune to satellite feeds in their car or cable music channels at home, but listening to the Jazz 98.5 FM

webstream or over-the-air broadcast is much more rewarding and here is why:

1. Jazz 98 is local, you know us. We're a part of your community and less expensive too. Remember the

good old days when some pleasures were free?

2. Jazz 98 personalities are accessible. They're part of your community, your family and you can reach out

and touch them. Can the same be said about satellite and cable channel music personalities, if there

are any?

3. Can you request your favorite song on a satellite or cable channel? It's highly doubtful but you can always

request a song or help select how you want your jazz brewed at Jazz 98.

4. Does your cable or satellite channel always tell you the song and artist you're listening too? Not always!

At Jazz 98, we tell you that and more about the artist and song and you don't have to worry about running

into something or someone while driving and trying to read the information on your car stereo display.

Warning ... No reading while driving, please!

5. How often does your cable or satellite program play the music of your homegrown musicians? More than

likely, rarely! However, Jazz 98's daily playlist always includes at least 25 percent or more of the music of

our homegrown musicians and features their music in a show dedicated to only their music. Now that's

what we call supporting our own! ... R-E-S-P-E-C-T !

6. Can you suggest music to be included on the satellite and cable channel playlist? Not usually. Jazz 98

is your jazz station and we regularly encourage our listeners to be a part of selecting music we play.

7. Can you find information about live music or other events going on in the city or in your community by

listening to a satellite or cable music channel? No, not likely but Jazz 98 regularly informs its listeners

about what's going on in and around the city and beyond.

8. We offer several separate and dedicated music streams we hope satisfies the taste of many of our listeners.

Whether you enjoy and prefer your jazz brewed with a more Classic Jazz flavor, our blend of Smooth and other

jazz, or the Blues, you can enjoy a brew that makes you want more.

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It's been said that variety is the spice of life. But how can that be true about cable

& satellite radio when you're listening to the same songs day after day, with songs repeated several times during the day? Aren't you tired of listening to the same

songs day after day, night after night?

If your jazz is all watered down, your hosts are not live and in living color, or you just want to X 'em out of your life, let's be serious and start coloring your

world by listening to the Jazz 98 webstream when you're at home and once Jazz 98.5 starts its over-the-air broadcast, tune your car or home radio to your local jazz station and listen to great jazz brewed just the way you like it.

Jazz Horse says, " The REAL Reason

to listen to Jazz 98 Radio is Simple ...

We're just cooler than they are! "