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Jazz 98.5 FM Remote Broadcasts

Requesting a Remote Broadcast

When you invite the Jazz 98.5 FM road team to your event, you will have the opportunity to

share details of planned activities and important information about your organization with Jazz

98.5 FM listeners. Our road team also provides quality indoor and outdoor sound equipment for making announcements and filling the air with a great and diverse selection of Jazz Music as

heard on Jazz 98.5 FM.

We want to be your media partner for your event or festival and we're committed to making your

event successful, as we would want for our own event. The Jazz 98.5 FM road team is available Monday – Friday as well as weekends, schedule permitting. Our availability for an event is

subject to Jazz 98.5 FM special events and programming requirements.

Because remote broadcasts require significant labor and expenses, a minimum fee of $800 applies (Discounts available for nonprofit organizations). This fee can often be paid by a corporate underwriter of the event or broadcast. Remote broadcasts must be

scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. For more information, please take a moment to complete the form HERE or to receive a

Remote Broadcast Application, email us at


Jazz 98.5 FM Remotes Include:

    • Approximately two hours on-site presence.

    • 20 pre-recorded spots.

    • 20 live on-air announcements prior to the event.

    • Assistance in welcoming your audience or communicating event details.

    • Remote broadcast support.

The following Cost/Fees May Apply:

  • $800 fee to cover underwriting and Jazz 98.5 FM expenses.

  • $100 honorarium for each personality on site * – within 50 miles of the Jazz 98.5 FM studios.

  • $150 honorarium for each personality on site * – within 51 to 75 miles of the Jazz 98.5 FM studios.

  • $200 honorarium for each personality on site * – within 76 to 90 miles of the Jazz 98.5 FM studios.

* Most events require 2 personalities on-site. When submitting your request, the Jazz 98.5 FM road team will evaluate the number

of personalities needed at an event.

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